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November 5, 2012

Hi All,

I wanted to share what happened last Friday. I called the main VA in Iowa City, to set up my follow-up appointment. The woman who answered the phone had absolutely no personality, and acted like she was very irritated she had to answer her phone. Tip one for this lady, if you don’t like answering the phone to schedule appointments, get another job. Duh!

Anyway, she proceeded in the gruff tone, this is the conversation we had:


Me: B****

VA: What’s his last 4?

Me: 1234

VA: Oh this isn’t working, was that V as in Vern, or D as in Dog?

Me: B as in BOY

VA: What’s his first name?

Me: (I gave my first name, which could be considered androgynous)

VA: His middle name?


VA: Oh

Might I state there is no way anyone could ever guess I was a man on the phone, I most definately have a high-pitched, woman’s voice. She never went on to say she was sorry or anything, just seemed even more irritated that I was a woman. I did make the appointment, but did this whole thing just piss me off. I texted Joan and told her, she wasn’t too happy either. I didn’t read in the rule book, or the guides I got from the VA that ALL VETS ARE MEN. I swear, I put up with enough of that crap while I was in, I sure don’t need it now. And I am not all that thrilled to be going to the VA to begin with. I told my co-workers about her, and they were kind of pissed off too. I said with her personality, she was more like a grouchy old nun teaching school 30+ years ago.

Never assume anything. I am going to lodge a complaint when I have my next appt, maybe get her some sensitivity training or another job. I have figured out there are only a few times EVER that anyone is safe to assume the sex of the person the appointment is for. Setting up an OBGYN appointment, or a prostrate exam. Other than that, and you are at risk for making an ass out of yourself, which is what happens when we assume.

Change can’t come fast enough,



The War On Terror

September 11, 2012

I remember the exact moment I heard about the Twin Towers. I was at work, and someone had heard about it on the radio. I thought it was awfully late to be playing an April Fool’s Day joke on us. Then more and more people started talking about it, so I turned on my radio, because I was sure they were all messing with me. It was like a really bad dream. Shock, disbelief, worry, fear. That is what we all felt. Then some of my co-workers went to the fitness room to watch it unfold on the only TV in the building. I couldn’t will myself to go, I didn’t want to see it. I wanted to crawl into a ball and hide under my desk. How could this happen?

Then I thought of my daughter, and called the school. I suddenly wanted to leave work, so I could go and get her, and wrap my arms around her and hold her until we all woke up from this horrific nightmare. The school informed me that several parents had called, some had come to pick up their children. But they encouraged me to let her stay. They promised me the children were all protected from this news, that they felt it was the parent’s right to tell them about this attack. But what they didn’t know was my little girl was in the library, and they were watching it on the TV there. They were just as confused and frightened as we were.

Then President Bush declared The War On Terror. Those words have been drilled into our brains for more than a decade since the anniversary of 9/11. The War On Terror. What is that really? For me, I fought in my own war on terror. The nightmares, the anxiety attacks, the depression, anger, hoplesness. I fight the war on terror daily in my mind. I was terrorized for more than a decade by several of my fellow soldiers, long before this ‘war on terror’. Why didn’t someone come to rescue me, and stop my terror?

I don’t want to take a single minute away from all of our wonderful  troops (non-predators) who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I never supported this war, but always supported our troops. Think of all the resources we spent on this ‘war’ and how many lives were lost. How many lives were ruined due to injuries/trauma? What did we gain by fighting this war? I don’t think we did. I think we lost more that we can calculate. The predators really were working overtime these last 11 years. So many MST cases, so many VA Claims.

I just wish President Bush would have ended the war on terror in the ranks. He could have, being the Commander-in-Chief. So could President Obama. What is it going to take?

Praying for change,


I’m On A Mission

September 7, 2012

About 2 weeks ago, I wrote a letter to Governor Branstadt of Iowa, asking him to make a change in the Iowa National Guard. I pointed out that he was the Commander-In-Chief, like the President, and had the power to stop letting these predators keep on abusing us in the National Guard. I told him the statistics, how this has been going on for years, and how the Iowa National Guard is the worst offender. I begged him to do something, and asked what would he have done if his son had actually served, and been raped. Maybe that is why he hasn’t responded, I do not know. But that isn’t going to discourage me. I plan on writing him again and again and again, because I am just so stubborn, and pissed off.

But I have decided to take it a step or two farther, because that is just how I am. I have decided I am going to start an email campaign, and write all members of the Senate and also the House of Representatives, both state and federal. And then I am going to do the same thing for all states, including governors. I hope I can start some kind of movement, and encourage others to do the same thing. Remember, one voice in a storm can go unheard. Many voices in a storm cannot be ignored forever. Please join me in my mission.

You can find the email addresses and fax numbers for ALL Congress Members and Governors at the following website:

Below is the letter I wrote to Governor Branstad:

Dear Governor Branstad,

I would like to bring your attention to an article that was on the front page of the Cedar Rapids Gazette on Thursday, August 9, 2012. I am providing the link to it, in case you didn’t. It was titled ‘Local Veterans Speak Out About Military Sexual Trauma.”

I am a veteran, who tried valiantly to serve my country in the Iowa National Guard for over a decade, in spite of the fact that I was repeatedly raped, harassed and discriminated against. I am not the only one. In fact, I know of at least 20 women who suffered some of the same things I did while serving right here in the great state of Iowa. Nothing was ever done, we were all told it was our fault, we all were punished and branded as trouble makers, and Godd***ed Females. I lost my career over trying to make it stop. I even caused my unit to be investigated by the Inspector General’s Office. I attend a Female Veteran’s Retreat every year on the English River, and guess what the #1 topic is? Military Sexual Trauma and PTSD.

I even wrote a letter to The Adjutant General, pleading with him to make a change. Nothing has. Since I left the Iowa National Guard 14 years ago, other women veterans I served with told me of their rapes & harassment. I was so angry to find out my sacrifice accomplished nothing, and that it only got worse. I work with a man who served 20 years in the Army Reserves here in Cedar Rapids, and I asked him one day why he chose the Reserves over the Guard. He said it was because he couldn’t stand the way they treated the women, that the National Guard is the worse branch of the military for how they treat women. Unfortunately, I have heard this many times.

Pardon me for being so bold, but are you NOT the Commander-In-Chief of the Iowa National Guard? And as such, have you no power to make this stop, and stop immediately? Or do you agree with most of my own chain of command, that if a woman wants to be in the military, she gets what she deserves? Do you know in the military 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 10 men are sexually assaulted? What if your son served, and was raped? What would you do? 

What will you do now?

Thank You For Your Time,


Spoils of War

August 20, 2012

What does that mean to you? How many times have you heard that term? Think about it. What three words ALWAYS proceed that statement?


That was the reward for winning the battle. Take whatever you want of the enemy’s and rape as many women as you want. Make them slaves, kill them, it didn’t matter. They were just women anyway.

Some of the greatest military leaders of all times adhered to this. To reward the soldiers for doing a good job. Napoleon, Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Ghengis Kahn, the list goes on and on and on.

What about the Vikings? Do you know what Viking means? To go a-viking means simply to go and rape and pillage, and decimate the opponent.

Oh, let us not forget about our own history here. The Civil War. Didn’t matter which side you were on, but if you were lucky enough to march up to a nice plantation, or a farm house of nothing but women, chances of at least one of those women being raped was pretty high.

World War II, Korea, Vietnam. Yes, our soldiers did a lot of raping in those wars. Lots of raping. And it wasn’t always raping the enemy. They were raping the male soldiers back then, and what about the female staff of nurses?

Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom. These last two wars changed everything. Now our soldiers stop raping the enemy, and started raping ONLY their fellow soldiers. Men and women being raped by the people supposed to cover them in the fox hole, or to be their backup, raping them.

During The Invisible War, there was a statistic that made me almost vomit on the spot. They say a sexual predator in the military will go on to assault/abuse 300+ soldiers.

300+ soldiers. And there is no sex offender registry for them, unless they are actually convicted AND spend more than a year in prison. And that is rare. It is about 1% of all REPORTED military rape cases that actually result in a conviction with jail time, and only a FEW of them are for over a year.

After the film was over, a gentleman in the audience said none of this went on while he was serving. Joan’s husband was beside me and said, “Oh yes it did, you just didn’t notice.”

Last week was the anniversary of the first female Marine. Pvt. Opha Mae Johnson became the first woman to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve Aug. 13, 1918. But rape in the military started even before then. The Revolutionary War, women like Florence Nightingale and others who tended to the wounds of the soldiers, many were raped by the soldiers.

All of these examples caused my boyfriend to say, “That’s why women just don’t belong in the military!” I don’t know why I allowed him to keep his manhood after that, or why I didn’t lay him out flat. But we should feel sorry for dumb animals and men. That is NOT why women should serve. Women have EVERY right to serve. We also have the RIGHT to NOT be assaulted/raped/harassed/abused.

But how are we going to stop it, when the whole basis of the military since time began was rape and pillage?????

Pray for change



June 22, 2012

Hello, Friends!

The new documentary – The Invisible War – is opening in theaters this weekend to a limited release.  A lot of the media talk has been, “how do we change this?”  Of course, those sorts of questions are to be expected.  The DoD, of course, is saying all sorts of things about their current programs.  You didn’t actually expect them to be honest…did you?  To that end – and since no one is going to actually listen to me anyway – I thought I would throw my suggestions out into cyberland.

I’m not going to go into the statistics…because most of us have seen all of them before.  Besides, statistics is a really good way to reduce humans to cold, meaningless numbers.  Sure, it impacts people for a moment..but when the moment is gone – the numbers aren’t people.  The numbers don’t live with this, they don’t sleep with this, they don’t struggle to survive this…the people do.

Problem 1:  In the current system, untrained, uneducated and incapable people are generally the people that act as judge, jury and executioner of all rape/harrassment accusations.  They are normally members of the same chain-of-command, bring their personal prejudices, and may be the friends of the perpetrator.  Please don’t get me wrong – I am not painting all military NCO’s and Officers with the same paint brush.  I happen to know an officer who truly put his career on the line (and his own promotion) to assist a female in his chain-of-command who was raped.  Still, this is the situation that we are currently facing.  Yes – I know that these Officers have college degrees – but are they licensed in crime scene investigation?  Are they licensed Mental Health professionals?  Not likely!  Even if they are – they are still too close to the situation to even begin to be impartial.

Solution 1:  This solution has 2 parts.  Part 1:  All accusations of Assault and Harrassment must go to a completely independent agency on post – like an SVU – that answers only to the department Chief-of-Staff.  This will ensure that independent investigators are actually independent.  Part 2:  Failure by a chain-of-command to follow the steps to protect the victims and refer the accused to the independent agency will cause them to be held directly responsible.  When CO’s and 1SG’s can no longer hide behind their buddies to cover up a crime…they are going to be more protective of their careers.  If they feel that proper procedure prevents their career from being destroyed…they will be more likely to protect the accuser than the accused.

Problem 2:  Retaliation!  This isn’t just about the victim being revictimized…this is about the entire platoon/company turning on an accuser in order to protect themselves.  This is about the fact that there is no secrecy about the investigative process.  Things that are supposed to be confidential…are not!  Again – some of this results from friends interviewing friends and superiors interviewing subordinates.

Example – when I was going through the process that ended my career – the investigation consisted of getting everyone together (in front of the accused) and asking them if I was telling the truth.  (Oh, yeah…people were going to talk…especially because I was already on my way out!)  Of course no one spoke up!!  The one person, who had managed a transfer out of the unit, that was willing to talk…Well – the investigative team wouldn’t talk to her…because she wasn’t in the unit.

One of the things that the military is now implementing is the right of the victim to receive immediate transfer.  I’m not sure how I feel about that?  Sure – it does away with the local retaliation – but I promise you…the unit she is moving to…knows what is going on before she/he even sets foot in the new Company AO.  So, why should the victim be punished?  After all – the victim is the person who has to pack up and move.  The victim is the one who has to loose their friends.  The victim is the one who has to start over and try to overcome the “label” she/he will arrive in the new Company with.  How is that right?

Solution 2:  First – remove the accused…not the victim!  Second – make the chain-of-command responsible for the victim’s safety.  Perhaps, a short period of leave so they can get out of the area until things settle a little bit.  Lots of support and treatment.  Part of the problem is that there is a culture that says – “The bitch was asking for it!”  It’s not easy to change the culture…but that is the role of Leadership – to set the tone.  IF the victim was transferred…then transfer him/her.  Give the victim the right to some sort of control.

Well – this is where I am going to stop for now.  I will write more in another post.  But, I would like to close this post with two words that really sum up all of the solutions…..ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY.  The values we are supposed to learn when we enter the military aren’t just words…they should be our creed!  Not just when it is easy…but when it is hard!  It’s easy to be a leader and a soldier when you are making easy decisions…the true test of character and leadership is to make the Hard Right…over the Easy Wrong.

Taking the Hard Right over the Easy Wrong is the Military way…believe it or not…that was one of SGT Jerk’s favorite sayings – Ironic…isn’t it.  I just wish he knew how to live it.

Peace and Blessings,


C**nts, Bit**es, and Who**s – Mature Content!

March 9, 2012

Hello, Friends,

Rush Limbaugh is making news this week.  Apparently, he decided to call some young woman a whore.  Bill Maher and a score of other comedians, commentators and political pundits have done the exact same thing.  I’m not really concerned about what these people are saying – I’m concerned that the words they are using have become “commonplace” in our country.  To me, it is the tip of the iceberg to some very deep rooted issues. 

So what is next?  It seems that women in positions of power or women with an opinion are now becoming targets of the most vile language.  Because Sarah Palin has strongly held beliefs and voices her opinion…she is a cunt and a bitch.  It would seem that Michelle Bachman is a twat and this young woman who uses contraceptives is a whore.  It seems to me that it has become popular, when disagreeing with a woman, to call her something related to her genitalia – or a sexually active dog.

I don’t normally do politics here – but most people can figure out I am a life long Republican.  No…I don’t like Palin or Bachman – but it is some of their politics I don’t like…it has nothing to do with their version of “bush.”  I certainly don’t agree with President Obama’s policies – but I would never call him a dumb ni**er because his race or his skin color has nothing to do with politics!  The Sergeant that was very abusive to me happened to be of Hispanic decent – but I would NEVER call him a wet**ck or a sp**.  Him being an ass has nothing to do with his genetics.

So is this mysoginistic language new – or do people who carry a deep seated hatred of women just feel more comfortable using that language?  After all, a man who sleeps with a lot of women is a “player” or a “stud.”  So why is a woman who has had more than one partner a “slut” and a “whore?”  Who are these guys sleeping with to be labeled a “stud?”

What does someone’s opinion on life, politics, religion, personally held beliefs or the price of an orange have to do with their genitalia?  If Sarah Palin was a man – people who disagree with her might call her an idiot or ignorant or naive…but she isn’t a man – therefore…she’s a cunt.

This language causes so much anger in me.  I can’t tell you how many times I was called a cunt, bitch, slut, whore in the military.  The higher my rank or the more responsibility I was given – the worse the names got.  I was really a nice person – but it didn’t matter.  A male NCO who made the same decision or statement that I made was called:  decisive, assertive or a “good leader.”  If I made the same decision – I was called a bitch.

I think it goes beyond a hatred of women.  It think it goes back into sexual politics – after all, if a woman is considered strong, competant, educated, hard-working, team player…you can’t justify forced sexual encounters.  However, if a woman is a bitch, cunt, slash, whore or slut – you can rape them all you want.  After all, it humilitates and degrades our humanity.  Once you render someone as “inhuman” you can do anything you want to them.

Don’t believe me – just look back in history at any group that has been a victim of genocide, marginalization or pogrom – the first step is always to make them seem like a lesser creature.

Just a few to think about:

Native Americans, the Irish in th 1800’s, Germans, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslim sects (Shiite vs Sunni), the Congnitely Impaired, the Mentally Ill, African Americans and Blacks, Hispanics, the Chinese, Japanese Americans WWII, Mormons.

The list goes on and on and on.  I haven’t even touched the surface.  Yet, the one group that seems to be hovering at the top is women.  Regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, disability, ability, education and any other demographic we can think of…it seems to be that we are fair targets.

Hell – who gives a damn about it – We are all just a bunch of fucking cunts anyway.



You Gotta Be Kidding ME!

November 8, 2010

Dear Joan:

I have talked to several people in the Department of Defense and the Veterans Affairs regarding your case. I was assured by DOD several months ago that a new person was on board who would assist me; however, after an initial conversation with that individual and despite her promise to get back to me, I was unable to make contact with her again.

Meagan is Congressman X’s VA legislative aid in Washington, D.C. Meagan has previously talked to the House of Representatives VA Subcommittee staff about this issue. Although there was interest in cases like yours, subcommittee staff did not add this to their agenda. In fact, Meagan just last week checked with Staff again but this topic still has not been added to the work calendar.

Since the Congress is drawing to a close, it is not likely this issue will come before the House until the next congress has been established. Although this is not what we had hoped for, our office will try again to have this reiewed again.

 Again, Congressman X and his staff are very sorry and disappointed with the outcome of our efforts. We will continue to be listening and watching for any opportunity to use as a vehicle to have this issue reviewed.

Staff/Constituent Services Representative

I received a box at my house on Friday.  In it was my complete file that I had given to Congressman X at his request and this letter that was signed by his Representative.  It is just me – or is this a crock of crap!

Mind you, the only reason this individual had my documentation was because he had asked for copies.  My VA Claim had been sitting in a back log for well over 6 months.  I had spoken with him at a town hall meeting over the Obamacare bill.  I had asked him to “keep the promise” and to fully fund the VA first! 

This woman got my records and the first thing she did was call my former boss in the military and ask him what he thought.  Now, SFC J, is a good guy and he made sure I had a lot of documents – but he certainly didn’t know the whole damn story and I really didn’t want him to.  I had signed a limited release of information, but I had no idea how far she would take that release.

Apparently, my records have spent the last year bouncing around Washington DC.  My VA Claim was adjudicated back in May – it is over.  I wonder if she knows that?

I really feel as though I have been abused all over again by these people.  Then they send me a letter that says – “Sorry, nobody gives a damn.”  Really, you actually expect DOD to give a damn?  Cause if they cared at all – they would have put a stop to this years ago.  They know what is happening, they have known, they just have no desire to stop it.

So she talked to “several people” about my case.  I wonder how many of them have my name?  I wonder how many of them were the actual abusers?  That scares me!  It scares me big!  Luckily, SFC J, is a good guy…but what if he had been my abuser?  What if he was the SGT Jerk or what if he were the Clarence that I talk about?  Can you imagine that!  Who knows, maybe she talked to one of those people.

I really, really want to throw up.  Is a little discretion too much to ask?


Twenty Years Ago

August 23, 2010

My parents came down for Sunday dinner and they brought with them a file full of old junk.  While digging through it I came across my promotion photo to Specialist.  Wow!  Talk about a shocker.  I don’t even remember the girl in the photo – although I know it was me and I know the day it was taken.  In fact, even though I didn’t remember the picture, I do remember having that picture taken.

Some of the things that struck me right off is how straight my back was and how tall my bangs were!  If I remember right, the year was 1990 – so it was 20 years ago – and we women wore our bangs as high as we could get them.  I also can’t help but think how skinny I was…it was three kids ago…but man was I skinny.  It also helped me to remember why I spend money every 6 wks to get my eyebrows waxed.  They look a little like dead caterpillars in that picture.  Although I was obviously trying to look serious – there is clearly the faintest hint of a smile at the corners of my mouth.  It was “promotion” day…I was happy.  Who wouldn’t be?

It was taken after my divorce from the abusive first husband – but before Clarence.  It was taken when I still loved the Army.  The girl in the photo may have my body, a few pounds heavier  and more wrinkly now, but we don’t share the same soul.  The innocence long since shattered, the pieces swept away.  I don’t know, maybe it is the same soul…just older and more tired.  Age isn’t always a matter of can be a matter of miles – and a lot of days I feel like I am long past the due date for a tire rotation and oil change! 

It reminds me of looking at my daughter, although she is more beautiful than I ever was.  She is turning 14 next month and I keep trying to get through to her.  Stay away from the bad stuff; drugs, alcohol, men.  You don’t need a boy in your life to be a whole person.  Be a whole person – then find a whole person that you love to share with.

I have that song Fifteen by Taylor Swift running through my head.  Great song, and my daughter loves it, I just hope it gets through to her.

“When you’re Fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, You’re gonna believe them….In your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team…Fifteen”

Somedays I really wish that life had a rewind button.  However, we would probably still make the same mistakes we made the first time around, or make even worse mistakes.  Either that or we would end up missing out on some of the best stuff in our lives because we changed our paths.  Nothing is coincidence…everything happens for  a reason.

I suppose that is why that old picture struck me so hard.  The “who I used to be” coming face-to-face with the “who I am.”  I guess it makes me wonder who I will be in twenty more years.  Twenty years ago I didn’t know that soldiers or leaders assaulted or abused their subordinates.  I didn’t know that the scars from that are yours for a lifetime.  I didn’t know that leadership would cover up and brush things like that under the rug.  I didn’t know that when you turn for help – everyone else turns their backs.

Maybe the “true believer” in me is still hoping that in twenty more years…those things will be gone forever.  That there will be no more victims that need to learn to be survivors.  Maybe the young soul in that picture is still inside somewhere – praying for the best…but knowing that she will probably never see that day.


From the Top Down

July 28, 2010

So, I have decided to take a break today from posting my Ranger Wags Story. There are a few things I have been wanting to say lately, and thought maybe I should wait to say them until after the Ranger Wags saga was complete. But that could take a few weeks, so you get my thoughts today.

The thought has struck me that since war has begun thousands of years ago, what has been the one constant? Rape and plunder. Yes, as crude and dark ages as that may seem, rape and plunder were the rewards that soldiers got for 1000s of years. But we are not in the dark ages anymore, are we? Or are we? Really, think about it. Vietnam, Korea. How many women native to those countries were raped by American soldiers? Many. Many, many women were raped by the military forces that were there to free them. No wonder Korea hates us, really.

What was different in the dark ages? Women didn’t serve with their fellow-man, usually. St Joan was burned at the stake as a heretic for serving, and fighting. She was also raped just because she fought and lead troops, and was a woman. And she wasn’t raped by the enemy of France, but by her own country man. Sick, isn’t it?

For the last few decades, women have finally been allowed to serve, that doesn’t mean they chose to serve to be raped or harassed. I was raped in Ft Gordon by two privates. I was raped by one of my SSGs (who became my 1SG), and almost by another 1SG. Twice, two  different of the most powerful enlisted man in my unit tried to force me to having sex with them. How was I treated when I came forward both times? Like it was my fault, how dare I, I deserved it. I got kicked out of the National Guard because of it. What would have happened if I had just given in to either? I don’t even want to fathom it.

My point is, I was raped by fellow soldiers, and harassed endlessly by others. There is a culture in our military that allows this to continue. What I want to know, is how many high-ranking soldiers have raped/harassed fellow soldiers along the way? How many Generals? Several years ago, President Clinton cleared the CSM of the Army of sexual harassment charges. Oh was I pissed that day. When our leaders very high up openly get away with it, what hope do we have? Until a top ranking soldier finally has to pay publically for what they have done, I don’t think there will be a change.

So, from the top down a drastic change is needed. Did you know that a few thousand years ago, in Ireland, women proudly fought beside the men. Those women were not raped. And if they were, they had this thing called Brehon Law, and the culprit had to pay a steep fine to the woman he disgraced. If he was unable to do so, his family had to. And HE was the one disgraced, not the woman. Too bad that wasn’t still the practice today.

OK, done ranting for the day. Just felt the need to get it off my chest, thank you for allowing me to do that.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…over!

July 27, 2010

H.R.5741 – Universal National Service Act To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.

 WHAT!  This is a bill that was introduced last week by Congressman Charlie Rangle.  You can read the entire text of the bill at:

In effect this bill will REINSTATE THE DRAFT.  Besides reinstating the draft, it will also create a “civilian service” as follows:

In a civilian capacity that, as determined by the President, promotes the national defense, including national or community service and service related to homeland security.

As determined by the President…hmmmmm…regardless of WHO is President – I don’t want them having this sort of power and control over my life, my children’s lives and the lives of my grandchildren (if and when they arrive.)

What are they thinking…where is this going.  Didn’t we learn anything from Vietnam and the 60’s?  I admit, I missed the 60’s the first time around, but I have heard that things weren’t good.  War, drafts, protests, race riots, people being attacked for exercising their political freedoms under the U.S. Constitution.  Does anybody else see this happening all over again or am I just insane?

Don’t get me wrong – I am not against military service.  I am not a peace-nik.  What I am against is Constitutional Slavery!  I am against the Federal Government being able to own me for two years.  Sure, I signed up and I allowed the US Government to be “Daddy” for 16 years.  But I did it of my own free-will and I did it by my own choice, not because I “owed” Uncle Sam anything.  I don’t owe anything to those idiots in Washington D. C.  I did feel that I owed it to those who came before me to carry on in the name of Freedom.  I didn’t serve so that some political wind-bag could tell me that now they want my children, too!

I paid my debt to my ancestors – and after what I lived through and how I was treated – I will be damned if those bastards get my children! 

I have three children, I don’t think I have ever mentioned this, they are all teenagers.  I have a 17 year-old son, a 15 year-old son and a 13 year-old daughter.  My oldest son believes that he is gay, I don’t know if he is or if this is just a phase, but he is my child and I will love and support him no matter what.  If he is forced into military service then they will rape him and possibly kill him.  My middle son is chubby, too chubby for military service, and he has plans of becoming a chef. 

My daughter is stunningly pretty.  She is so strong mentally and physically, she is a little ditzy at times but  she is a powerful young woman.  They will break her…she is the type of young woman that men just love to break.  They will rape her – they may kill her.  I wouldn’t be the first mother to lose her daughter under those exact same circumstances.  The first time we had problems with her being assaulted in school by a boy she was only in 3rd grade.  It was an older boy who had a crush on her and he was being physical with her – pushing, tackling, hitting, hair-pulling – and I finally had to tell the school that if they didn’t stop it then her brothers were going to take care of the problem.  The next time we had a problem she was in 6th grade, and it was sexual in nature, including grabbing and sexual comments.  She had just turned 12.

I am not giving this government my children.  Bottom line.  I don’t care what it takes or what I have to do or who I have to yell at. 

I don’t care if I have to serve every single year of their service in order to keep them out of it.  I did 16 1/2 years – I can do 6 more standing on my head.

Call you representatives in Congress.  We cannot allow this bill to pass.  I did not survive just to place my children back into the same situation that I dug my way out of.

Welcome to 1968-reprised:  “Hell no, we won’t go!”