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Woman Fired for being “Irresistible”

December 27, 2012

Well – Thank you Iowa Supreme Court for ruling that an employee can be fired for no other reason than being “irresistible.”  It isn’t her male boss’ responsibility to restrain his sexual urges or desires – she lost her job because he was attracted to her.

Read the Courts opinion here:

In brief – Melissa Nelson was employed by Dr. James Knight, DDS over 10 years ago.  They worked closely together and, as many employer/employee do, they became friends.  Dr. Knight was married and significantly older than Ms. Nelson.  Both were married with children.

Dr. Knight’s wife found out that occasionally, Dr. Knight and Ms. Nelson would text one another – about everyday and mundane things – about their children.  This made Mrs. Knight very angry and so Ms. Nelson had to be fired.

Dr. Knight had stated on a few occasions to Ms. Nelson that her clothes were too tight, that he had a bulge in his pants or that she needed to put on a lab coat because her body was distracting.  He lamented to her that her not having sex was like having a Lamborgini but never driving it.  Silly statements, little statements that Ms. Nelson brushed off.  He even sent her a text once about how often she had an orgasm – but she ignored it and didn’t answer it.

She didn’t keep a journal, didn’t document the texts and didn’t file “sexaul harrassment.”  The wife, who also works at the dental office got jealous, and Dr. Knight told their pastor that he was attracted to Ms Nelson.  The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that it is “okay to fire her.”

Why is that okay?  Why is it essentially the woman’s fault for being attractive to a male employer that makes this okay.  What’s next – I found her irresistible so I raped her – that is her fault.  Haven’t we done this before?  Well, she was looking so hot in her US Issued Uniform that I just had to have her.  Well, she was wearing those little PT Shorts, so I just had to have her.  Yeah, I raped her – but she really wanted it. 

This is just a different form of harrassment.  It doesn’t even really have anything to do with “looks” at all.  I mean, a person can be attracted to another person even though they don’t look like Sandra Bullock or Harrison Ford or Channing Tatum or Kate Hudson.  Sometimes, attraction is just about enjoying another person’s company – right?  I know males that I find “attractive” that I would not have a sexual relationship because I know that it is just that we have a nice, friendly chemistry.  Lots of people are attractive.

I feel like I got slugged in the stomach and that we women have just been set back 50 years.  I know – maybe next the Iowa Supreme Court can rule that a man can’t “rape” his wife.