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May 8, 2013


So – the head of the United States Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Organization just got busted for…SEXUAL BATTERY!

Maybe, he should have waited until HE WAS SOBER…cause it sure looks like his “victim” kicked his ass!

Maybe people will start listening. This is a culture of rape and abuse – in the military – and it isn’t a problem because the only one’s who mind are the victims! The people doing it don’t seem to mind, their commanders don’t seem to mind…EVEN THE HEAD OF AF SAPRO PARTICIPATES! It is like some kind of new “group sport.”

I’m angry…I am even angrier about the new numbers from Dept of Defense. In 2012, 26000 people joined the MST Club.

My town has a population of roughly 8,000 people. So…every person in town would have to be raped 3+ times to make that many. That means that 71 people a day in the United States Military are being victimized… 3 rapes…every hour…24 hrs. a day.

What in the hell is wrong with this world!!

When will someone listen and STOP THIS! JUST FUCKING MAKE IT STOP!

Praying for my brother and sister victims.