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Warning – Graphic Content!

December 1, 2010

The actual title of this post is:  Sluts and Bitches – but I didn’t want to put that into the title.  I found something incredibly disturbing out there on the Web today and it has me boiling mad!

What is the difference between a slut and a bitch?  A slut will sleep with anybody…a bitch will sleep with anybody but you.

A part time judge down in Hamilton County TN by the name of Joe Rehyansky posted on the site Daily Caller that Lesbians should be allowed in the military…but Gay men should not.  Sounds strange…until he goes on to say that this would give straight men a “fair shot” at converting these women.

And I quote:

 “It fell to men to swing through the trees and scour the caves in search of as many women as possible to subdue and impregnate — a tough job but someone had to do it.”

Apparently, this “judge” believes that the best way to turn Lesbians back to the “straight” life is to RAPE them!  And I am going to be very graphic here…But apparently, what these women need is just a little “dickens cider.”  Yeah, apparently “dick” can cure lots of things – like a woman’s desire to be her own person.  It can also cure that whole “bitch” thing.  Being a “bitch” just means that you aren’t getting laid enough.  Don’t like the fact that I outrank you…just “subdue” me and once you give me that magical organism that only your dick can give me that will take me from being a strong willed woman to one that swoooonnns on your very touch.  Hell, you are probably going to sleep with one of  us so it is going to be me!  Don’t fight it baby…I’m gonna make you feel sooo good! 


What in the HELL is wrong with this guy.  The last thing we need is some JUDGE running around giving his personal opinion about how to make a woman do what he wants a woman to do!  After all, if it is “okay” to “subdue” a Lesbian to make her “straight” then is it okay for a man to rape someone to make that woman “behave” the way he wants her to.  Gee, maybe if we just all decided to use “force” to get what we want.  I mean, if some guy is being an asshole do I get to shoot him?  After all – that would be an easy way for me to “subdue” him to my will – to do what I want him to do.  Or does this only go for women.

It is this gosh damn stinking attitude in the military that has us in this situation to begin with.  Did I mention that this guy is an Army Veteran?  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise there Gomer!  Gee, I wonder how many things got pushed under the rug by this ass wipe and filed under the title of “boys will be boys.”  You know, he goes on to talk about that too – that homosexual males, and all males in general, just can’t control those natural urges that make them want to rape, pillage and plunder.  Cause you know…boys will be boys and we don’t want no “fgts” forcin themselves on our soldiers.  Male soldiers…that is…cause the straight males have got a mission of converting all those Lebians.

I’m gonna stop here – because the more I say the angrier I am getting.  For all of you out there who think that we survivors (male and female) are just crazy little whiny babies…you read this “judge’s” words and see how you would feel if that man was near your daughter or wife or sister. 

I’d love to tell you how I would feel – but it just might be misunderstood and get me in trouble.

Lord – save us from these kinds of IDIOTS!