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G. I. Jane

January 18, 2011

We are getting a free preview right now of the Encore channels and i decided to tape a movie off the other night.  G. I. Jane – it is one of my favorite films – but it also leaves me furious.  I watched it last night, against my better judgement, as a result this post probably will be all over the place.  It leaves me feeling that way- angry, disjointed.

I am struck at how good of a job Demi Moore does in this film.  She is believable – very, very believable, as a female Naval officer.  She doesn’t enter the all male training program to make a statement about women in combat – she does it to advance her own career – to get operational experience.  I can only imagine how hard she must have trained physically, because you can clearly tell when it is actually her.  I greatly respect her for shaving her head.  I can’t tell you how many times I just wished I could shave my head – but Army Regulation AR 670-1 – forbids “masculine” appearance to a woman’s hair.  I always found it funny in some ways.  The number one problem with the proper seal of a protective mask is having hair in the way – but a female can’t shave her head to prevent that problem.  Hmmmm – used to make me laugh that they were trying to get rid of us. 😉

The scene when the Master Chief acts like he is going to rape her makes me sick…really, really sick.  I watch it – because I want to watch her kick his ass!  I also love the scene directly after this, when the Master Chief says, “They aren’t the problem – we are.”

I have mixed feelings about a lot of that.  They are at SERE school and I know a little about it from friends who have been there.  They are right in some ways – the enemy will target a woman.  They are wrong in some ways – if the enemy sees that we are “gender blind” then it will do them no good and they will stop it.  Of course, being raped by an enemy isn’t as near of a reality as being raped by our friend in the military.  That alone makes me sick…it’s not the enemy we have to worry about! 

I find the Senator that sells her out to be a greater symbol than the somewhat pig of a Master Chief.  It is all about the politics of sex.  People who like to talk a big game have very little at stake and so we who are the silent wounded are quietly brushed under the rugs.  Out of sight – out of mind.

I have very few “famous people” I can honestly say that I would like to meet and talk with.  I did meet Nichelle Nichols (LT. Uhura on Star Trek) and that was a treat.  She is a very kind and gracious person and I was thrilled to meet her.   I would love to talk with Demi Moore about this film.  I would love to meet her.  If nothing else to thank her for her real and honest portrayal.  She strikes a deep cord in me, she isn’t preaching and she isn’t some sort of superwoman trying to change the world.  She plays it like it was real – just an honest woman trying to serve her country and advance in the best way possible.  I would like to thank her for that.

There was some military officer commentator on FOX News the other morning.  I can’t remember who he was but I know that he shocked the heck out of the interviewer.  She was stunned at his obvious dislike of women in combat.  I couldn’t help but scream – they are already there you dumb ass!  Women are serving in combat everyday – they just aren’t being given any of the credit.  In some ways I am glad that I am no longer there.  I don’t think I could watch the male medics next to me get their Combat Medics Badge and see myself and my sister soldiers passed over simply because we have tits.

Not every woman is cut out to be Infantry – for that matter – not every man is cut out to be Infantry!  I think we all acknowledge that.  I think one of the best lines in the movie between the Senator and Demi Moore’s character is in regards to “squat pissin in the woods.”  The Senator asks her if she really wanted that kind of life.  Lt. O’Neill says, “I would have wanted the choice!”

Isn’t that what it is all about?  The choice we have a right to make.  There were days I preferred working at the nice clean hospital and there were days that I preferred to be out in my ambulance navigating through the middle of nowhere and the rush of awesome you feel when you find yourself dead on the mark.  Crawling through the weeds, covered in muck and mud, no sleep – nasty food.

I wouldn’t have really wanted to be infantry.  I spent a lot of time with them and I had some really great experiences – but I wasn’t strong enough physically and I would not  have wanted to do the necessary training to get there.  However, I would have liked to have been given the choice.  Maybe then the American people and our brother soldiers will quit seeing us as second class citizens.  Maybe, if we are seen as equals, they will quit thinking that it is okay to assault us.  Maybe that is the beauty of the choice.