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SSG Chad Wille

October 17, 2012

Hello, Friends.

Here is a series of stories that will make you sick.  Apparently, in the AZ National Guard a group of recruiters has been running amok.  One of their favorite hobbies?  Taking new recruits “Bum Hunting.”  They enjoy going out and humiliting the homeless and shooting them with paint ball guns.  For those who don’t know – a large number of homeless are their brother and sister Veterans.  Here is just one of the articles:

However, I don’t want to talk about those douche bag ass wipes!  I want to talk about the man that this article focuses on – a man by the name of SSG Chad Wille.  SSG Wille is a fellow recruiter – when he discovered what was happening – it would seem that he pursued this like a pitbull on a bunny!  His superiors told him to “drop it.”  He refused.  They tried to get him out of the Guard.  He fought harder.  They accessed his personnel files and they threatened his life…and this man…this one, honorable man said, “Not on my watch.”

SSG Wille – I don’t know if you will ever see this.  I don’t know if you are out there doing a Google search for yourself, but if you find me…I have a message for you.

SSG Wille – from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.  Thank you for your courage.  Thank you for the honor to stand up for someone who is weaker than you are.  Thank you for being the good soldier.  Most of all – thank you for being a real f-ing Non-Commissioned Officer!  You bring great credit upon yourself, your rank, your service and those you are protecting!

I remember taking and teaching classes in leadership in the military, one statement always stuck out.  Don’t be paternal or maternal…as the case may be.  You are not their parent.  That is true – but it is also false.  Just like children your young soldiers will follow your lead.  They will become you.  Your leadership style, your values, your rules.  They will emulate you in many – if not all – things.  You will “rear” them to be good or bad leaders.  In this way, you are a parent.  If you don’t believe me, or think I am being touchy feely, think again.  Look at how you made your own choices in stressful situations.  How many times did you ask yourself as a young leader…how did SGT ? handle this?  That is how we learn to be leaders.

I can remember the name of every NCO that touched my life – both positive and negative.  There are some that I will admire and adore to the day I die – though they may never know it.  I looked to their memory and their skills and their tactics until my last day in the military.  When to be tough?  When to be funny?  When to be a friend?  When to be a Sergeant?  How to show compassion in a tough situation while still instilling those Army values and their own comittment.  Most importantly – how to do my best and practice what I preached.  I was far from perfect – but their leadership helped me to be a better leader.

These young soldiers who were “bum hunting” and being encouraged, or forced, to engage in sexual behaviors.  What did they learn from their leaders?  How will they lead?  They watched as SSG Chad Wille’s life became a living nightmare as he became a target for choosing the hard right instead of the easy wrong.  What did they learn?

Sergeants – teach your “children” well.  They are the next generation.  Unfortunately, some of these Arizona recruiters have left a large number of broken troops who will become your next generation of leaders.  God help you and the troops that they train.

Prayers for SSG Wille and his family!