Hello, Friends –

Most of you know that I am not generally a “whiner.” I mean – if things don’t go my way I usually just “cry me a river, build me a bridge and I get over it.”

I have to admit, losing this job opportunity has continued to stay with me to the point that I am in a genuine number 1 funk. I want to say a lot of things, but I currently feel “gagged” about what I can and cannot say. I feel this way because the blog is one thing that I talked about in the interview. Now whether or not they choose to come over and read what I have to say….I don’t know. So I am just going to state how I feel about the situation. After all, they can’t really punish a Veteran for talking about how they feel, right? Besides – I didn’t get the job so what else can they do to me…bend my dog tags and put me back in the Army?

If I don’t get a job I usually just figure – “hey – they had a better candidate!” and that is just okay. I normally try to have faith in the hiring system…but this time I am just wondering what in the world they are thinking. Neither candidate that was hired was remotely qualified – they didn’t hire a single female – the things I am hearing are just making me sicker by the day. In fact, one of the candidates that did not get the job is already certified in Peer Support and would have done a great job. Had he been hired instead of me…I would have thought – “hey, awesome for him.”

I have a couple of other applications out…one I didn’t even get an interview for and the other one I am still waiting to hear – but I have a feeling I won’t get an interview for that one either. Although one of the jobs I actually taught at a community college.

I spoke with the HR manager and he tells me that he has no reason to believe that I am being blackballed (some of the people that work here are well aware of the whole Army thing) and that I have an “unremarkable” VA Career. Apparently, “unremarkable” means that I have never gotten into any trouble. It does not mean that I am an excellent employee that works her ass off. Like the military – I guess the system is “**** up and move up.”

I am angry – angry that only certain people can get anywhere around here. It is like the Friends and Family Plan! Unfortunately, you can’t even fight it…you win a battle and lose the war. I’ve seen it happen.

I’m just tired – tired of the whole damn system. Tired of doing other people’s jobs so that they can take the credit. Tired of being stuck.



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