Bummer News

Hi, Friends.

Bummer news – I did not get the job that I was hoping for. I got the official notification today – although I heard it through the rumor mill last week.

I have been unsure of how to write this post. After all, the individual who did the hiring has access to this website. She is really nice – please don’t get me wrong – but I don’t want anything I say to sound like “sour grapes.” It isn’t sour grapes…it is just the reality of the situation. I don’t know why they hired who they hired – I don’t know why I wasn’t hired…so it is really impossible to speculate or to blame anyone. For whatever reason – I was not the best candidate for the jobs.

I have been afraid to say too much – because of the situation. After all, even if a person wins a battle…they often lose the war! I know that way too well!! I have never, ever censored this blog before…it has always been truth…so I have decided not to censor today’s post.

I am truly brokenhearted about not getting the job. Wednesday night I had 1/4 of a Sara Lee Pound Cake, Half a pint of Hagen Das Ice Cream and a bowl of strawberries for dinner. To make matters worse…my husband was away…so I already felt like I was missing an arm! The work goes on…disappointments happen…but you can’t stop the mission. I am tired, though. Tired of the fight. Not tired to the point that I will quit…after all – a good soldier doesn’t stop in the middle of a war. We are at war – a war to stop the most dishonorable conduct – the rape and sexual abuse of our fellow servicemembers.

So – I am just going to be honest about the heartbreak…walk away and lick my wounds…and come back to fight another day.

Thank you all for your warm thoughts.



3 Responses to “Bummer News”

  1. Myst Says:

    Ohhh, I am so very sorry to read this Joan. One never knows why somethings go the way we hope, and others crash and burn. I can’t imagine anyone better then you for the job helping veterans though. You may not have sour grapes, but I’ll have them on your behalf. If the person who made that decision comes here to read, then this is to her:
    Me thinks you have made a mistake. As a veteran with PTSD from MST, I can’t think of anyone better then Joan to have been able to help others like myself. If another chance to give her that sort of works comes up again, then please, give it to her! It really does take one to know one, and she is certainly one of us.

    • enemyinthewire Says:

      Thank you, Myst! Your encouraging words are BETTER than getting the job! After all, that really is what this is all about. It is about supporting our brothers and sisters who have suffered – finding healing through shared pain and experience. It isn’t about a job title or doing a specific job in a specific place. It is about continuing the mission of caring for our fellow survivors and bringing one another through that dark tunnel.

      Thank you so much for reminding me of that and for being one of those who brings light!!



  2. Myst Says:

    Big hugs and love to you both! You and your blog have pulled me further into the light, and given me friends in this sick demographic that I would never have had otherwise! We’ll just hope this means there is something even BETTER out there for you. Thank you for all you do!

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