Falling Over

Hello, Friends –

This is a follow up to my post Motorcycle Therapy.  Sometimes I think I jinx myself by comparing one thing to another thing.  In this case, comparing learning to ride a motorcycle to learning to live life with therapy and a chronic illness such as PTSI or MDD.

Just like “recovery” – learning to ride a motorcycle is never a straight line – it is always a bit of a roller coaster…up, down, round and around.  Sometimes there are smooth parts and other times – there are lousy parts.

A couple of weeks ago I fell off my motorcycle.  Actually, it fell over with me on it.  I wasn’t going very fast and I protected the bike with my body – so thankfully, she didn’t get hurt!!  I’ve got some ugly bruises and I a nasty road rash to the elbow.  However, I jumped right back on and rode 15 miles – even with the blood dripping down my arm. 

Life is really like that…isn’t it.  I try to use this blog to encourage others, so that we all know that we are going through much of the same things.  You are not alone and the blogs that I read show that I am not alone!  We have to stay strong for one another when one of us bites the pavement 🙂

It was a good lesson – in many ways.  We are always stronger together than we are by ourselves.  After all – out in the Old West no one circled the “wagon” in times of trouble – it was always “circle the WAGONS” plural!

Anyway – off to lunch.  Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.  Have a wonderful day.



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