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In case you missed it – I received the following from an individual calling “herself” Wookie Monster – she states that she was the page administrator of the Facebook page F’N Wook:

May 23, 2013 at 9:13 am | Reply   edit

Hello Overly Sensitive Internet Crusader,

I am Wookie Monster, known throughout the Marine Humor circles as this name from my time as an adnimistrator – arguably the primary administrator – of the F’N Wook page.

I bet you’d be surprised to know that those pictures you featured were sent to me by the female Marines themselves – mind blowing, huh? In as much as humor is experienced subjectively, it is also expressed in a very subjective way, which is why I do not find certain comedians funny.

Congress Wook has made it seem as though we were some sort of underground rape club within the ranks of the Marine Corps – which is flatly false. I do not dispute that our humor is bitter, misogynistic and offensive. I find Westboro Baptist offensive and most Christians – or theists, in general – offensive, but you don’t see me crusading to shut down pages which encourage people to pray for rape victims or pray for Oklahoma tornado victims as opposed to getting off their lazy asses actually doing something beyond emailing and “liking” pages on Facebook.

You know, the picture of the woman in bondage that I posted, I bet she had some pretty awesome sex during that photoshoot. That was clearly an expression of her sexuality and I merely captioned the picture – it was not a “rape situation,” whatever that phrase means.

If you want to ask me some pointed questions instead of rambling, feel free to contact me at


Now – I am not posting this separately so that people can attack what she has to say – so please be kind in your comments. 

The reason I am posting this is to talk about the military culture, the way this all works out for some people.  I want to share one of my own stories about SGT Jerk that I am not sure if I have shared.

SGT Jerk is actually one of the funniest people I have ever met.  He comes off as a fun-loving, happy, “out for the soldier” type of NCO.  I have nearly pee’d myself on more than one occasion around him because I was laughing so hard.

When I was assigned to his platoon there was another female NCO there that I will call Angela.  Angela was a good person…she seemed pretty good at what she was doing…she could be a little “off” at times.  She wasn’t the best NCO I have ever met – but she was okay.  I had actually known her for sometime…but we didn’t see much of each other.

Slowly but steadily, SGT Jerk would point out what she was doing wrong.  He would assign me to do things because, “SGT Angela just doesn’t quite get it right.”  I was fine with that.  Over time I became convinced that she was a sub-standard NCO.  I had no problem going around her or over her as needed.  SGT Angela finally got transferred out!!  Whew…what a relief…cause she was really gettting bad at her job!

A few months later I got my stripes and we realigned platoons somewhat.  SGT Jerk explained that he was going to make SPC BS his 1st squad leader because he felt I was too new a SGT to have that position.  I was placed in a position below an E-4…but that was okay, I just needed to “prove” myself to SGT Jerk.

Suddenly – people started noticing when I made a mistake.  Or someone would say – “SGT Jerk said you really screwed XXXX up.”  I didn’t screw anythign up?  What is up with that!!  SGT Jerk would disappear with SPC BS into the NCO room and leave me to run the platoon.  Next thing I would know he would be in my face about something I did that he didn’t like – or he would accuse me of saying something I didn’t say.  Then he got violent.  At first it was little things, grabbing or pushing – dropping me in front of the platoon.  Before he was done with me I was on the ground in front of the platoon being beaten with a large stick.  SPC BS, who was also a friend of mine and a good guy, actually stopped him.  (The BS is literally his initials 🙂 )  However, SPC BS claims he doesn’t remember any of it.  He protected SGT Jerk. 

Suddenly things became clear to me.  He had three female NCO’s leave his platoon in any way possible.  They all left under the same idea that they were “incompetent.”  They weren’t terrible NCO’s – this is just how he got “rid of us.”  Paint us as lousy soldiers, convince others – even other females, and then you have full control.  The female who he is targeting can’t get anyone to stand with them – because it isn’t SGT Jerk’s fault…it is her fault.

Wookie Monster states that her page is all in good fun. Yeah, there were a lot of things in the military done and said in good fun.  Hell, I had an NCO give me the call sign “D-O-G” (di-oh-gee) because he wanted me to roll over and give head, I mean play dead…that was just fun.  I was the platoon’s only female, might as well have fun with the BITCH concept.  (We even had several of the older/higher ranking females take BITCH names)  After all, these men were my friends and my “brothers” – it is just part of the military humor.   These men weren’t like the “others” that had assaulted me.  I loved these guys and they loved me!  Nothing to fear.

That was until it went too far.  Until I had to file a complaint to make certain things stop.  I had male NCO’s privately tell me they knew he was wrong and to watch my back – but when push came to shove…they supported him.   The NCO who gave me the call sign DOG even came to me privately and said, “If I have done or said ANYTHING to hurt you – please tell me.”  He had not, I had never felt like a “female soldier” under his command – I was just a “soldier.”  But when it came time to stand…they all stood behind him.  Even the other females.

26,000 rapes last year.  There is a rape culture!!  Not only is there a rape culture because of 26,000 of them – there is a rape culture because Commands do very little, or nothing at all, to protect the victims or to proscecute the rapists.

Wookie Monster may find me over senstive – but I have a right to be!  I have a right to worry about next year’s 26,000 and last year’s 21,000!! 

You see, Wookie Monster, you may be providing harmless and funny humor to thousands who just see it as funny.  They don’t believe it – it is just funny.  But what about the few who not only believe it – but act on it!  You may think it is funny to be part of the culture of mysogyny…you may think it makes you one of the guys.  Maybe for some it does.  But what happens when one of them decides to rape a fellow Marine?  One of YOUR sisters…Is it funny now?  Do you really want that to be on your head?

Take my advice, please!  You don’t want to join this club.  You don’t want to see anyone else join this club.  And you don’t want to be part of making it happen!!!

I was raised by a Marine – so I know the pride and honor that the Marines hold for the rest of their lives.  Don’t dishonor them by thinking that this is okay.




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2 Responses to “F’N Wookie Monster”

  1. womanmarinevet Says:

    Unbelievable. What’s with the young women Marines of today? Disgraceful. This wouldn’t have been happening 34 years ago when I served. The men were truly MEN and the women were LADIES, not misogynists and self-loathing individuals with no self-respect.

    • enemyinthewire Says:

      Thanks for your comment! I truly agree. A woman can be in service and still be a woman…and behave as a woman. Disrespect, hatefulness, violence and mysogyny are NOT what makes up a member of our Armed Forces!

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