F’n Wook

Thanks to the hard work of Representative Jackie Speier, the military has once again been outed for demonstrating it’s penance for mysogyny.  This time it was a facebook page called “F’n Wook.” 

Looking through the Urban Dictionary it took me a while to find the appropriate definition….but apparently a “wook” is a term for a sexually indiscriminate girl…a combination of the words “wasted hooker.”  It is more popular around college campuses than in the military – but somone decided it was an appropriate way to describe women in the Marines.

This is the culture folks.  This is what we are talking about!  Last year, SGT Gary Stein was discharged from the USMC for refusing to take down the Facebook page – Armed Forces Tea Party.  It was against the “good order and discipline” of the USMC.  The Marine Corp states that they knew about the page – had been watching it for 3 years – but they didn’t have a problem with it.  Apparently, hatred and violence of women is NOT against the good order and discipline of the United States Marine Corp.

I display a couple of these images in this blog to show exactly what this culture is like.  To display the “culture”  that exists in the military. 

1.  The only way a woman can get promoted is through sexual favors.

2.  Rape is not only tolerated…it is encouraged.

3.  Physical violence against women is acceptable.

These photos are the least disturbing I have found!  Some of the truly horrible ones display women in bondage and in rape situations.  It is truly quite disgusting.

Even worse are some of the internet comments.  People said they are unhappy it was taken down – that it was all in good fun.

Okay Mr. “All in Good Fun”…what if this was your sister?  What if it was your daughter?

This has to change.




8 Responses to “F’n Wook”

  1. Myst Says:

    Friggin disgusting! And on and on and in it goes. Geeesh!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Can you take the picture of me blowing on the window off of here please

    • enemyinthewire Says:

      Hi, Nicole…I am happily removing the picture at your request. Thank you for dropping by and asking me to remove it.

      Do you mind if I ask for your story on the photo? Were you aware that the picture had been posted on the internet? Were you aware that it was captioned in such a way? I would love to hear anything you have to say. At the same time…if you don’t wish to speak about it…I understand that as well.

      Thank you for your service!! I do apologize if posting the photo has caused you any distress. Additionally – I did post your comment and I will be happy to remove that if you would like.


      • enemyinthewire Says:


      • Nicole Says:

        Thanks for removing it… yes I knew it was captioned that way I saw it on a few pages and asked them to remove it and they did right when I asked which was pretty nice.. I was just walking out the door and goofing off with a couple friends and someone took a picture I wasnt aware of… then it went viral

      • enemyinthewire Says:

        Hi, Nicole –

        It was my pleasure…truthfully, I should have thought before I even posted them!

        I am sure glad there wasn’t digital cameras or cell phone cameras around back in the day! I know there would be some pretty crazy shots of me just like that running around!! It wasn’t even anything that I would have thought about – just a bizarre or funny face.

        I’m sorry it went viral on you. I actually don’t find the picture offensive – it’s really pretty cute and funny! It was the caption that was offensive.

        Thanks for your service!


  3. Veronica Saint Says:

    Hello Overly Sensitive Internet Crusader,

    I am Wookie Monster, known throughout the Marine Humor circles as this name from my time as an adnimistrator – arguably the primary administrator – of the F’N Wook page.

    I bet you’d be surprised to know that those pictures you featured were sent to me by the female Marines themselves – mind blowing, huh? In as much as humor is experienced subjectively, it is also expressed in a very subjective way, which is why I do not find certain comedians funny.

    Congress Wook has made it seem as though we were some sort of underground rape club within the ranks of the Marine Corps – which is flatly false. I do not dispute that our humor is bitter, misogynistic and offensive. I find Westboro Baptist offensive and most Christians – or theists, in general – offensive, but you don’t see me crusading to shut down pages which encourage people to pray for rape victims or pray for Oklahoma tornado victims as opposed to getting off their lazy asses actually doing something beyond emailing and “liking” pages on Facebook.

    You know, the picture of the woman in bondage that I posted, I bet she had some pretty awesome sex during that photoshoot. That was clearly an expression of her sexuality and I merely captioned the picture – it was not a “rape situation,” whatever that phrase means.

    If you want to ask me some pointed questions instead of rambling, feel free to contact me at saintveronica@yahoo.com.


    • enemyinthewire Says:

      Dear WM,

      I am sure you didn’t expect to see your post on this page – but I do appreciate you dropping by. First of all – I am not an “overly sensitive internet crusader” – I am a service-connected US Veteran who served 16 1/2 years before being discharged after filing a complaint after a female-hating sergeant beat me with a stick in front of a platoon. By the way – he is now a 1st Sgt. I also stand in front of live people and tell my story…however, the blog remains anonymous to protect us.

      I would not be surprised to find that some of those female Marines sent you those pictures. You see – sometimes it is easier to grow a really thick skin and put up with the bullshit than fight it. I am well aware of some of the crass humor that occurs in the military. One of my favorite NCO’s of all time used to joke with me that he kept me around to “make coffee and clean his tent floors.” I participated in his joking…didn’t bother me at all. In fact, he gave me the radio call sign D-O-G (pronounced “di-oh-gee”) because he wanted me to roll over and give head…I mean, play dead. I kept the call-sign…I thought it was funny. After all, as the only female in the platoon that made me the automatic BITCH right?! Might as well have a call sign to match. We are even still friends…despite everything.

      What you have not yet learned is that there will reach a point when you realize that, although most of the men are terrific people, you will finally encounter one or more that isn’t. No matter how cool you think you are to administer such a page or how much you believe it won’t happen to you…it happened to 26,000 men and women in uniform last year. 26,000 IS a RAPE CULTURE!

      I hope you never find out what it feels like to encounter one of them. I hope you never learn the anger, the hatred and the disgust that you will feel when one of your F’N Wook fans goes one step too far.



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