A World Without Her

It has been two years. Two years since a co-worker, a friend, a fellow veteran took her own life. I don’t think she realized how much this world would suck without her.

I can’t say we were “best buddies” or hung out together or anything like that. It was more of just a “knowing.” You don’t turn around in the office and talk about rape…you just don’t…but you know who the survivors are. You can see it.

I can say that the days she stopped by my office were happy days…happy times. The day she stopped by to say she had been “let go” was a very bad day. It brought back all sorts of horrible memories, feelings about my employer, feelings about the people in the head office. “Someone had it out for me.” That is what she said.

She was funny, she was smart, she was dedicated to fellow Veterans. I often wished I could be more like her. She was so strong! Nothing seemed to get to her – she seemed to have it all under control. She left something behind in my office…a “project” and everytime I look at it…I remember her. She was like a bulldog…once she sank her teeth into solving the problem…she didn’t let go until the job was done.

I miss you – my friend. I wish I had known..I wish you had turned to me..I wish you had turned to anyone. The world is a richer place because you were here – and it is darker now that you are gone.

Please, Please – If you are considering suicide…please…don’t do it. Call someone! Anyone! Don’t take your light from the world!! You never know who will mourn you for the rest of their lives – like I will mourn her.

Peace be with you,




2 Responses to “A World Without Her”

  1. Myst Says:

    Hugs to you Joan….
    K made me promise that I would never kill myself. I t was the hardest promise I ever made. But I have to stand by it now…

    Peace be with you too darlin’!


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