Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Here it is, Friends…April again…Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I haven’t had much to say lately – life has been keeping me very, very busy and I am having to make some tough choices right now. The primary one is “do I stay at the VA..or do I take the other position I have been offered?”

Choices…that is what so much of this is about. The choice to be kind or to be cruel. The choice to treat people the way you would want to be treated. The choice to speak out or the choice to stay silent.

I am always kind of “depressed” by this month. It seems that businesses and governement institutions hail other months, Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, Women’s History Month, and any other MONTH they can celebrate. I really like those – I think they are awesome! (Of course – I also love history)

Then we get to Sexual Assault Awareness Month…shhhhhhh! Don’t hang posters, don’t do events, do talk about it. It must be kept quiet…it is embarrassing, it is shameful. Even here we have really dedicated people who keep getting shut down on programming. We don’t want anyone to be “uncomfortable.”

Heaven forbid anyone is uncomfortable! Heaven forbid that they have to look a survivor in the face and acknowledge what happened to them. No – we can’t have that!!!

I would love to march on our local VA’s…but as an employee…that is asking for trouble. I would love to carry signs and shout at the top of my lungs – but the world just doesn’t want to hear it.




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