Cleve Foster

Hello Friends,

This week a man by the name of Cleve Foster was executed in Texas for his part in the murder/rape of Mary Pal on Valentine’s Day in 2002.  Here is a link to the article:

As you read through the article you will discover that both men, Sheldon Ward and Cleve Foster were “old Army buddies.”  Foster was a recruiter, go figure, for the US Army for almost 20 years.  Ward met Foster when Foster recruited him into the Army.  The question becomes…what else did Foster recruit Ward into?

You see, there was a second woman murdered.  Both men were charged with the crime but never tried.  Why waste the money when they are already getting the needle.  However, it is a small paragraph at the bottom of the article that I find very interesting.

“Foster grew up in Henderson, Ky., and spent nearly two decades in the Army. Records showed court martial proceedings were started against the sergeant first class and he was denied re-enlistment after allegations he gave alcohol to underage students as a recruiter in Fort Worth and had sex with an underage potential recruit. He’d been a civilian only a short time when the slayings occurred.”

It would seem that this man was probably a predator.  I’m sure that the “potential recruit” that he had sex with wasn’t the first one.  It is obvious from this one statement that the man had engaged in “grooming behavior” by giving students alcohol.  It would appear that the military had him – was going to charge him and send him through a court martial proceeding.  However, in the end he was only barred from reenlistment and set out in the public.

This begs the question:  If this man had been properly charged, completed the courts martial and given time in jail – would he have been available to rape and murder these two women?  The article states that he had only been a civilian for a “short time.”

Rest in peace and our deepest sympathies to the families of Mary Pal and Rachel Urnosky.  They are “casualties of the Invisible War.” 



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