Hello Friends,

I woke up this morning feeling “Pixelated.”  You know when you are watching satelitte TV in the middle of a rain storm and the picture turns into all of those square boxes…that is Pixelation.  It is when the whole gets broken down to it’s littlest parts.  That is how I am feeling.  Like I am just little pieces that could blow away.

There is a great scene in the movie Lord of Illusion where this monster turns into a bunch of pixels or atoms or whatever – and he explodes all to pieces.  The individual little pieces stay intact…but the whole is gone.

It is that “crawling out of my skin feeling” – I don’t even have a reason for this.  Maybe it is because of something I dreamed, maybe it is something I ate…Like Scrooge and his bit of under-done potato.  Who knows…it doesn’t really matter.

I hate days like this, because I feel like I have a very, very short fuse.  Mostly I feel like I could just rip the heads off of just about anyone!  I have felt this way for over a week and there is just nothing to be done until the feeling passes.

It’s like watching TV and the good part is coming up…then the satelitte goes out! 



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