Spoils of War

What does that mean to you? How many times have you heard that term? Think about it. What three words ALWAYS proceed that statement?


That was the reward for winning the battle. Take whatever you want of the enemy’s and rape as many women as you want. Make them slaves, kill them, it didn’t matter. They were just women anyway.

Some of the greatest military leaders of all times adhered to this. To reward the soldiers for doing a good job. Napoleon, Ceasar, Alexander the Great, Ghengis Kahn, the list goes on and on and on.

What about the Vikings? Do you know what Viking means? To go a-viking means simply to go and rape and pillage, and decimate the opponent.

Oh, let us not forget about our own history here. The Civil War. Didn’t matter which side you were on, but if you were lucky enough to march up to a nice plantation, or a farm house of nothing but women, chances of at least one of those women being raped was pretty high.

World War II, Korea, Vietnam. Yes, our soldiers did a lot of raping in those wars. Lots of raping. And it wasn’t always raping the enemy. They were raping the male soldiers back then, and what about the female staff of nurses?

Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom. These last two wars changed everything. Now our soldiers stop raping the enemy, and started raping ONLY their fellow soldiers. Men and women being raped by the people supposed to cover them in the fox hole, or to be their backup, raping them.

During The Invisible War, there was a statistic that made me almost vomit on the spot. They say a sexual predator in the military will go on to assault/abuse 300+ soldiers.

300+ soldiers. And there is no sex offender registry for them, unless they are actually convicted AND spend more than a year in prison. And that is rare. It is about 1% of all REPORTED military rape cases that actually result in a conviction with jail time, and only a FEW of them are for over a year.

After the film was over, a gentleman in the audience said none of this went on while he was serving. Joan’s husband was beside me and said, “Oh yes it did, you just didn’t notice.”

Last week was the anniversary of the first female Marine. Pvt. Opha Mae Johnson became the first woman to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve Aug. 13, 1918. But rape in the military started even before then. The Revolutionary War, women like Florence Nightingale and others who tended to the wounds of the soldiers, many were raped by the soldiers.

All of these examples caused my boyfriend to say, “That’s why women just don’t belong in the military!” I don’t know why I allowed him to keep his manhood after that, or why I didn’t lay him out flat. But we should feel sorry for dumb animals and men. That is NOT why women should serve. Women have EVERY right to serve. We also have the RIGHT to NOT be assaulted/raped/harassed/abused.

But how are we going to stop it, when the whole basis of the military since time began was rape and pillage?????

Pray for change



3 Responses to “Spoils of War”

  1. Myst Says:

    Joan… I’ve been thinking about this ‘women don’t belong in the military’ for a long time and more so since I read this. And been stewing about it, so here goes: And so I wanna know.. what about all the MEN that are attacked and raped by their fellow men???? Are they not supposed to be there either??? WFT is up with that and what excuse do they have for that behavior???? So that makes using us women as a total cop out for examining the whole mentality that not only allows such horrid behavior, but fosters and supports it in many cases. Certainly the ‘go ‘ol boys club’ if your ‘lucky’ it seems, else your on the other side of the pain cuz someone meaner and with more power doesn’t give a rats ass who you are will still rape you, even if you are man.

    As I told a good friend last night, what I expect from men and women, working together in intense situations, is the same thing I expect from ANY professionals in any profession across the board. You don’t hear of this going on (to this extent because it wouldn’t surprise me if it still goes on in business some, but they have legal repercussions that military folks don’t have) at HP, Microsoft, 3M or any of our other large business’s, or smaller, with a few exceptions of course. Men and women can work together under all sorts of pressures, and yet, in the military, the statistics for rape for both men and women is crazy high! If it’s the ‘high pressure jobs’ under tense times, shouldn’t the wall street men have been raping the women hand over fist? Or the real estate folks that took such a beating, or Detroit when things were worst? And by the way – it was PEACE time with C, P, and L were busy beating and raping me during my 4 years, in the states at a fairly easy assignment, so WTF on that theory? No stress or tension, just pure meanness and a culture that supported it.) On and on.. so to say ‘that’s why women shouldn’t be in the military’ is pure stupidity (Sorry to your boyfriend 0.o ~flaps hands~ )

    You are totally right in that is the entire attitude that has to change, and get their heads out of their asses cuz they go too much poo up their noses! It’s not us, it’s them!!!!

    *deep breath*
    *In a softer, calmer voice*
    Best wishes to you and Brigid for a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. enemyinthewire Says:

    Hi, Myst!

    Like Brigid, I have been told over and over that women don’t belong in the military. “This is what happens when women are in the military.” I would argue, and have argued, that a woman’s life is no more important than a man’s. That the military death of a male is no more or less honorable than a military death of a female. Giving your life, or living your life, as a part of a something greater than one’s self, is not divided by gender. It infuriates me when people say that!

    I would say that the one’s that don’t belong in the military are the serial predators and rapists. They don’t belong in the military, they don’t belong in our business and they don’t belong in society – period! It doesn’t matter if business is IBM or USA – it doesn’t belong.

    Like you – most of my assaults were peace time. There was no “fog of war” or “stress of combat.” These are the excuses people like to use to excuse inappropriate behavior in their “heroes.” What they don’t realize is that the men and women who are perpetrating this behavior are not heroes! They exist in the military solely for their own violent desires.

    Hope you had a great weekend! Many blessings!!


  3. enemyinthewire Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, I was on vacation, so I just saw this today. I feel the exact same way. I know the answer, or at least the ‘party line’ for men who are raped/assualted. They just label the victim as being gay, which is so beyond ridiculous, I am not even going to say anymore about that.

    I have started my own little campaign to change things, but it isn’t working. But I sure feel better. I wrote a letter to the Govenor of Iowa last week. Of course he hasn’t responded, but I am on a mission now. I will blog about it soon.

    I love reading all of your comments, although I have to say I am soooo sorry that you had to join the ‘club’ as well. I am just going to keep on doing what I was doing 20 years ago, and that is tell people about what is/has happened to our soldiers. I hope one day soon this will finally be changed, and the civilian world can start prosecuting the bastards.


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