Welcome New Readers

Hello, Friends!

I have been so excited to see our numbers climb as a result of the article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  We have had two pretty big days! 

For that reason, and because I know you will start at the top of the blog, I wanted to take a moment to say, “Welcome.”  I also wanted to familiarize you with what you are about to delve into.

Some of this blog is about Brigid and I sharing our stories.  Some of this blog is nothing but pure therapy and some of this blog is blind rant or blind faith.  However you, the reader, wants to see it.  Sometimes we write very thought out and composed posts, other times we just encourage on another and sometimes we (especially me) write from a place of deep anger, frustration and passion.  Those posts don’t make the most sense  – looking back on them – but they are part of the healing process.

Healing is never a straight line event – it is always a long and winding road.  That’s okay, don’t they say that half of the fun is getting there?

If you are out there and you are a survivor we want to be here for you in whatever capacity you need.  Most of us, who are survivors, feel a deep lack of trust.  It takes a very, very long time to feel enough confidence in another person to know that they aren’t going to hurt you.  For example, after our article appeared in the Gazette, I asked Brigid…”Do you still love me?”  I think you know her answer – but I feel as though I pulled her into something that we weren’t necessarily ready for.  Even after 16 years – my biggest fear is losing her in my life – especially because she could possibly feel that I would betray her in any way.  No…wait…let me correct that – my biggest fear is betraying her – my second biggest fear would be losing her!

I want to encourage you to feel free to make comments, ask questions, just post and say “hi!”  This blog may have begun as therapy – but the goal has now become education, support and understanding.  In my other life, I hear a lot of really crazy questions.  I got one just the other day asking, “what statistics exist that show how much rape was in the military before it went co-ed?”  It was a good question and I am glad it was asked.  I had a fellow male Veteran  say to me; “What do women expect?  They join the military, you put boys and girls together, they are going to have sex!”  Wow!!  And I have a lot of respect for this guy…I even like the guy…but he is just clueless!  So, maybe you are reading this and you have these types of questions.  ASK THEM!  It is okay to ask questions!  Questions are not hurtful…but Ignorance is!

Finally, as you read along you are about to get a rare glimpse into a very exclusive club.  It’s a club that we didn’t even know existed – until we became members.  It’s a club we never, ever wanted to join…the Club of Military Sexual Trauma Survivors.  Please, use what you learn to help others. 

And remember…Brigid and I are both crazy…and the VA finally gave us the paperwork to prove it!!  🙂  (Sorry – private, club member only jokes!!)

Peace and Love,



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One Response to “Welcome New Readers”

  1. Myst Says:

    Hey, love the post and totally get the %crazy part, which means we are only a certain percentage sane. I’d like a bumper sticker that says:
    “MST Survivor – Please excuse me in advance, I’m only 30% sane”
    0.o ~nods head and flaps hands~ Ah well..that would be too scary for folks who had no clue what it meant.

    Big hugs to your both on your special night! Got me “Invisible No More tag on too and wishing you both well!!!

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