Page One – Above the Fold

Well, Friends…Enemy in the Wire and Brigid and I are front page news in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  Military Sexual Trauma, Rape, Sexual Assault is Page One – Above the Fold!

I will write more about this later – but if you are in the area of Eastern Iowa and you get a hand on a copy and realize you need help…Please contact us!  Get ahold of us at the blog or at  We want to help you.  We wouldn’t put our message out there if we didn’t want to help.

Many thanks to Max – who did a great job on the article!  Also to our photographer, whose name I will add later because my better half stole the paper 🙂

It is time for change.  It is time to be the change. 

Peace and Love



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One Response to “Page One – Above the Fold”

  1. Myst Says:

    Great article ladies!!! Kudos to you for your courage and strength to speak out and be the change!!! I’ve linked your story to my blog. Hope tons of folks see it!
    Hugs, from one survivor to another-

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