Mission from G-d?

“Who told us, we’d be rescued.  What has changed and why should we be saved from nightmares?”  Held – Natalie Grant.

I think that the prevailing question on any given day is, “Why?”  Why did this happen?  Some days I feel that I even have an answer.

Today is one of those days – it has been one of those months – when I can see a master plan in all of this.  An opportunity to make a difference, maybe, if I have enough faith.  Most of you know that I am an incredibly spiritual person, dedicated to my faith.  Don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t keep me from making all sorts of mistakes or being a horrible human being – but I do try.  I know that God is there and I know that I am loved…no matter what.

Brigid and I were asked to be in a documentary about MST – but it was cancelled because The Invisible War was already in production.  Brigid and I were asked to be part of the first Susan Burke lawsuit – but we were rejected because they thought hers was too old.  (my last event was recent but they rejected me anyway)  Well – the first law suit was dismissed.  Now we are standing at the precipice of something that might be effective for some.

Allow me to be religious – if you please.  God sent his only son, Jesus, into the world to show people that God loved them.  Jesus was taken by his own leadership (The Pharisees and Saducees) and he was given to another in a mock trial.  The judge (Pilate) saw that he had done nothing wrong – but he was condemned anyway.  He was mocked, stripped, beaten, crucified and died a horrible death.  He died at the hands of those who should have seen – who should have known the truth – but they didn’t.  He asked; “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

However, it was God’s plan, and Jesus knew it.  The night before in the Garden he asked – “God, if there is any other way, let this cup pass.”  But – there was no other way – and so He bore it all.  All the sin, all the hate, all the ugly.  It was with a purpose – to save the whole world.

Please don’t think that I am comparing myself to Jesus – cause I am not.  What I do believe is that the things I have suffered have a point.  Okay – probably not to save the world – but an old Jewish saying is:  “He who saves one life – saves the whole world.”  (Excuse the paraphrase.) 

If I can help one – If I can save one…then I have saved the whole world.  I have to believe this has purpose – I have to believe I have a special mission from God.  I have to believe He will lead me.

We can save the world.




One Response to “Mission from G-d?”

  1. Myst Says:

    You are helping to save me hon….

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