Hey, Friends!

Just a heads up for those who don’t read the comics first!  I hope everyone is checking out Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau.  If you go to the comics web page you can view the archives.

He has been tackling the subject of MST and he has been tackling it well!  His facts are good. 

Don’t miss it!



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One Response to “Doonesbury!”

  1. Myst Says:

    Hi Joan and Brigid! Thanks for the welcome. I will work on being patient. I”m blessed in that I have a good sweetheart to look after me and keep me safe and with a home. He fully understands and supports my getting better. He doesn’t ever expect me to ‘get over it’… But I hope to just maybe get a bit better, and learn how to cope with it better.

    I have been following Doonesbury online recently since I saw it run across the feed for The Invisible War. They said that Trudeau had gone to a screening of the movie and decided to do at least a weeks run on the subject. They said that he got the stats for the strip from the movie. It looks like a great movie. It’s not showing anywhere locally that I can find yet, but I hope it will.

    Best to you both,

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