C**nts, Bit**es, and Who**s – Mature Content!

Hello, Friends,

Rush Limbaugh is making news this week.  Apparently, he decided to call some young woman a whore.  Bill Maher and a score of other comedians, commentators and political pundits have done the exact same thing.  I’m not really concerned about what these people are saying – I’m concerned that the words they are using have become “commonplace” in our country.  To me, it is the tip of the iceberg to some very deep rooted issues. 

So what is next?  It seems that women in positions of power or women with an opinion are now becoming targets of the most vile language.  Because Sarah Palin has strongly held beliefs and voices her opinion…she is a cunt and a bitch.  It would seem that Michelle Bachman is a twat and this young woman who uses contraceptives is a whore.  It seems to me that it has become popular, when disagreeing with a woman, to call her something related to her genitalia – or a sexually active dog.

I don’t normally do politics here – but most people can figure out I am a life long Republican.  No…I don’t like Palin or Bachman – but it is some of their politics I don’t like…it has nothing to do with their version of “bush.”  I certainly don’t agree with President Obama’s policies – but I would never call him a dumb ni**er because his race or his skin color has nothing to do with politics!  The Sergeant that was very abusive to me happened to be of Hispanic decent – but I would NEVER call him a wet**ck or a sp**.  Him being an ass has nothing to do with his genetics.

So is this mysoginistic language new – or do people who carry a deep seated hatred of women just feel more comfortable using that language?  After all, a man who sleeps with a lot of women is a “player” or a “stud.”  So why is a woman who has had more than one partner a “slut” and a “whore?”  Who are these guys sleeping with to be labeled a “stud?”

What does someone’s opinion on life, politics, religion, personally held beliefs or the price of an orange have to do with their genitalia?  If Sarah Palin was a man – people who disagree with her might call her an idiot or ignorant or naive…but she isn’t a man – therefore…she’s a cunt.

This language causes so much anger in me.  I can’t tell you how many times I was called a cunt, bitch, slut, whore in the military.  The higher my rank or the more responsibility I was given – the worse the names got.  I was really a nice person – but it didn’t matter.  A male NCO who made the same decision or statement that I made was called:  decisive, assertive or a “good leader.”  If I made the same decision – I was called a bitch.

I think it goes beyond a hatred of women.  It think it goes back into sexual politics – after all, if a woman is considered strong, competant, educated, hard-working, team player…you can’t justify forced sexual encounters.  However, if a woman is a bitch, cunt, slash, whore or slut – you can rape them all you want.  After all, it humilitates and degrades our humanity.  Once you render someone as “inhuman” you can do anything you want to them.

Don’t believe me – just look back in history at any group that has been a victim of genocide, marginalization or pogrom – the first step is always to make them seem like a lesser creature.

Just a few to think about:

Native Americans, the Irish in th 1800’s, Germans, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslim sects (Shiite vs Sunni), the Congnitely Impaired, the Mentally Ill, African Americans and Blacks, Hispanics, the Chinese, Japanese Americans WWII, Mormons.

The list goes on and on and on.  I haven’t even touched the surface.  Yet, the one group that seems to be hovering at the top is women.  Regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, disability, ability, education and any other demographic we can think of…it seems to be that we are fair targets.

Hell – who gives a damn about it – We are all just a bunch of fucking cunts anyway.




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