Macadamia Farm

Greetings from the Macadamia Farm.

Tomorrow begins the official start of the Holiday Season!  It also begins some of the craziest times for many of us.  I heard this reference made in a Television show one day…”Macadamia Farm” which was a kind euphamism for “Nut House!”  That sort of describes the holidays for me…I just can’t wait until they are over.  Quite frankly, it sort of describes every day for me!!

However, Thanksgiving wouldn’t mean anything without stopping to comment on all of the thinks I am Thankful for!    So here it goes!

I’m thankful for my husband – who has lived with me in my Macadamia Farm and put up with the good days and the bad days…even though he has no clue whatsoever.  Sorry, baby…but it is true.  Regardless, you are right there with me and I love ya!

I’m thankful for the bestestestest friend in the entire world…Brigid – who is my “roommate” in the Macadamia Farm.  At least we get to be crazy together.  I love ya!

I’m thankful that God chose to spare the life of Brigid’s beautfiul Grandaughter and the amazing light she has put in our lives.  (The birth was very rough…but all is well!)  I’m also thankful that Brigid’s daughter became a mother that day – a real mother – that loves her children.

I am thankful for my own teenagers – who are working very hard at putting me on the Macadamia Farm!  I know that this phase will pass.

I am thankful for the “angels” in our lives that show up unexpected and provide a little help along the way.

I am thankful that my job allows me to advocate for survivors of Military Sexual Trauma, even if I can’t always be upfront and honest about being a survivor myself, I can sink my teeth into problems and fight for what is right.  There are days it leaves me a wreak..but at least I can try.

I’m thankful for all of you who take a few minutes out of your day to read what we have written and to stand with us.  You allow us the opportunity to share with the world what we have survived and the work that must continue. 

May the love of God, joy, peace and happiness be a part of your Holiday season and throughout the coming year.

Blessings from the Macadamia Farm!




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