Now on Facebook

Hello, Friends,

I am happy to say that we are now on Facebook!  There have been many times that I have wanted to share a link or some interesting information on Facebook with you all.  However, being stuck with an actual name that I don’t want to share – I finally took the leap of creating an avatar and a page in the Facebook universe.

Check us out…just type in enemyinthewire to get to our page.  Please take a moment to friend me or send me good stuff that you find.  My facebook name is Jheannie d’Arc.  (It is the French spelling of Joan of Arc.)

Things are going along here.  I am dealing with a lot of crap and so is Brigid.  We are still waiting for her claim to be adjudicated.  It has been well over a year now.  Her comp and pen was in April!  She has recently emailed a Congressman and I am very proud of her for that.  As hard as I have tried to advocate on her behalf – no matter how many power of attorneys we turn in – their are plenty of people who will not talk to me about any of it! 

Anyway…make sure you check us out!

Peace and Blessings,



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