Misogyny as Usual

Misogyny – Hated, dislike or mistrust of women.

I don’t normally get policitcal here – because this isn’t about politics.  However, I find myself compelled to comment on the current situation in the Herman Cain camp.  I won’t go into a long explanation of what is going on, there are plenty of places for folks to read news.  What I want to talk about is they way some media outlets and the Cain camp is reacting to it.

To summarize, it has broken this week that while Herman Cain was the CEO for the National Restaurant Association, two women filed harrassment suits and both received “settlements.”

Mr. Cain and the media are the only ones talking about this.  Even my favorite news source, Fox, has jumped on the band wagon.  Mr. Cain first says he didn’t remember anything about it, then he said they received “small” settlements but he didn’t do anything wrong, now he is accusing both the Perry and Romney Camps of playing dirty politics.  Over and over he (or his staff) uses words like baseless, unfounded, no wrong doing and dirty politics. 

So, why are the media and Cain the only ones talking?  Because the two women involved are trapped under GAG orders.  Yup, for anyone who doesn’t know what that is…it means that if they talk about it…EVER…they are in violation of the order.  That means they (Herman Cain or the Restaurant Association) can sue them for violation of the order.  These women are stuck, unable to tell their side, and he (Cain) gets to say anything he wants.

Hey, maybe he didn’t do anything.  Maybe these women were just out for money.  However, any one of us who has ever been through a sexual harrassment investigation will tell you, it is a lousy way to make money.  The latest from Politico is the one woman received 45,000 and another 35,000.  Hmmmm…that doesn’t sound like baseless to me?  That sounds like a firm plea of “no-contest” and if we give you a nice little chunk you probably won’t take us to court and win a really big chunk while dragging our names through the mud.

Regardless of what happened…I am disgusted by the blatant Misogyny that I am hearing out there!  What ever happened to hearing both sides of the story?  Why bother when we all know that those scheming, cheating, dirty, lying little women can just make up stories and get money!!  Hmmmm – Misgyny – the hatred, dislike or mistrust of women.

Wow!  Talk about a text book definition in play.

To the Women who made the accusations:  Stay strong, sisters!  If everything is as it seems to be – the truth will come out in time.  I got your back and you are in my prayers.

To the Media – if this were a court of law…both sides would get to speak and information would be entered into evidence.  Before you talk about baseless accusations it would be best if you had all of the information.  Had this been a criminal offense, the settlement would have indicated a plea of “no-contest.”  That has to count for a reason to stop and wait for all the information!!

To Mr. Cain – if you did this, just be honest!  I’m so tired of politics as usual!!!!  Let’s face it, you (or the organization) essentially pleaded “no contest” to these women’s accusations and no amount of shuffling and side stepping is going to change that.  Personally, I hope their evidence is overwhelming, and that you actually have to eat your words.

Yup – it is “woman hating” as usual out there folks.  I look forward to the day that someone puts an end to it.



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