All In Good Fun

For all of us who want people to be treated equally and fairly in the military – be sure to check this out from Fox News.  Apparently, videos of “chicks in the shower” and “men showering together” are considered “entertainment” on board the U. S. S. Enterprise.  (No real nudity…just suggested nudity.)

Back in 2006 and 2007 – lewd and inappropriate videos were made that are just now coming to light.

Maybe they were just fun…maybe they were funny…but the climate a command sets is the behavior that the servicemembers will exhibit.  Doesn’t the now Captain of that ship get that?  Don’t they teach that somewhere!

Of all the ships…why did it have to be the Enterprise?  I love Star Trek!!!

Live Long and Prosper (you know…I had to go there – stupid jokes help to reduce the rage)



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