Thoughts on a Snowy Day

It is snowing here – in the middle of nowhere.  It is my favorite kind of snow.  I stand out the back door at work and I have a cigarette and I watch the flakes fall, one at a time, onto my coat.  Each flakes is different and they are amazingly well defined.  If you don’t touch them – you can watch them pile up one after another.  No two are ever alike and when I put my finger against them they disappear forever.  There will never be another one exactly the same.

Did God do this to remind us of how precious we are?  No two of us exactly the same and when we are gone – there will never be anyone just like us…ever again.  How each one us is special and irreplacable in His eyes.  How brief it all is and yet how it all seems to last forever.  Today I am thankful for snowflakes.

Blessings and Peace,



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