You Gotta Be Kidding ME!

Dear Joan:

I have talked to several people in the Department of Defense and the Veterans Affairs regarding your case. I was assured by DOD several months ago that a new person was on board who would assist me; however, after an initial conversation with that individual and despite her promise to get back to me, I was unable to make contact with her again.

Meagan is Congressman X’s VA legislative aid in Washington, D.C. Meagan has previously talked to the House of Representatives VA Subcommittee staff about this issue. Although there was interest in cases like yours, subcommittee staff did not add this to their agenda. In fact, Meagan just last week checked with Staff again but this topic still has not been added to the work calendar.

Since the Congress is drawing to a close, it is not likely this issue will come before the House until the next congress has been established. Although this is not what we had hoped for, our office will try again to have this reiewed again.

 Again, Congressman X and his staff are very sorry and disappointed with the outcome of our efforts. We will continue to be listening and watching for any opportunity to use as a vehicle to have this issue reviewed.

Staff/Constituent Services Representative

I received a box at my house on Friday.  In it was my complete file that I had given to Congressman X at his request and this letter that was signed by his Representative.  It is just me – or is this a crock of crap!

Mind you, the only reason this individual had my documentation was because he had asked for copies.  My VA Claim had been sitting in a back log for well over 6 months.  I had spoken with him at a town hall meeting over the Obamacare bill.  I had asked him to “keep the promise” and to fully fund the VA first! 

This woman got my records and the first thing she did was call my former boss in the military and ask him what he thought.  Now, SFC J, is a good guy and he made sure I had a lot of documents – but he certainly didn’t know the whole damn story and I really didn’t want him to.  I had signed a limited release of information, but I had no idea how far she would take that release.

Apparently, my records have spent the last year bouncing around Washington DC.  My VA Claim was adjudicated back in May – it is over.  I wonder if she knows that?

I really feel as though I have been abused all over again by these people.  Then they send me a letter that says – “Sorry, nobody gives a damn.”  Really, you actually expect DOD to give a damn?  Cause if they cared at all – they would have put a stop to this years ago.  They know what is happening, they have known, they just have no desire to stop it.

So she talked to “several people” about my case.  I wonder how many of them have my name?  I wonder how many of them were the actual abusers?  That scares me!  It scares me big!  Luckily, SFC J, is a good guy…but what if he had been my abuser?  What if he was the SGT Jerk or what if he were the Clarence that I talk about?  Can you imagine that!  Who knows, maybe she talked to one of those people.

I really, really want to throw up.  Is a little discretion too much to ask?



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2 Responses to “You Gotta Be Kidding ME!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Have you spoken to Susan Burke of Burke-O’Neil. They are a law firm in DC that is filing a class action law suit against the DOD on behalf of all victims of MST. You should talk to Jay about this also. Peace.

  2. enemyinthewire Says:


    Oh yes, I am on the class action lawsuit being started by Burke-O’Neil. So is Brigid – my fellow blogger here. Jay turned us on to what was going on there some time back, when he returned from DC. I am looking forward to it.

    I actually have a call into this ladies boss. It isn’t just about the way that she has treated me – it is about making sure she doesn’t treat other survivors the same way!



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