The Beginning of the End Part 7

68. While I was at the armory turning in my gear, I saw SPC H. She said that she was told to turn her stuff in the next day, I told her thayt I already knew about that. She also said that she was told to do her PT Test the next day. I said no, that this was just one last chance to mess with her, that she was already being discharged, and they had no right to force her to take the PT Test. And there was absolutely no reason at all to take a PT Test, since she was being discharged. She refused to take the PT Test.

69. I finally received the official notice of the Review Board. I saw CPT O’s comments (I had asked MAJ F to find out for me what CPT O’s recommendations were). I found out that the permanent profile said that I could life a 40 pound ruck sack and that there were no weight restrictions, but CPT O had recommended that I be reassigned because I occasionally might have to life 67-100 lbs. Now this is complete BS, I am a waitress, and have to lift heavy stuff all the time. I never asked not to lift something-only not to do sit-ups. Also, in every single safety briefing, we are told that if something weighs more than 50 lbs, it is a 2-person lift. Over 100 pounds, no lifting at all-you get a forklift, bobcat, or a cart. I was so mad when I found this out, because he had violated our agreement to recommend my retention.

70. I am not out to get anybody. I just will not sit by and watch these kinds of things happen over and over again, and no one stopping them. I want to ensure that a major change takes place, something has to give somewhere. I only hope that I am strong enough to stick to the courage of my convictions. I already know that I will be made out to look like a slut who brought all of this on herself, and I am ready for that. I also know that I am prepared to go as far as I have to, to ensure that changes will be made, no matter what. I will say that I hope 1SG Wags fries for the torment I have had to endure at his hands, and that I don’t think he should be rewarded for what he has done, by being able to retire with a pension. I hope he is feeling as uncomfortable as he made me, and several other women feel, throughout his tour in the National Guard. I am a firm believer in the cliché, “What comes around, goes around” and someday, this will all come back to haunt him.

The End,



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