The Beginning of the End Part 6

66. I went out to the Armory 31 January 1998 to turn in my gear. I took  my friend Joan, because I was frightened by what might be done or said to me while I was there. SGT B asked if he could speak with me privately, and I agreed. He said that there were no hard feelings on his part that I had disobeyed him. He said that CPT O had informed him I was leaving, and proceeded to ask him of my poor work habits. SGT B said that he went to bat for me, and would continue to do so, that I had excellent work habits, and that he had never had a ny problems with me. I thanked him and told him that I had no hard feelings towards him either. I also spoke to SSG K and told him that I was sorry that I couldn’t take it anymore, and was getting out. He said that he understood, but was sorry to see me go (he had convinced me several times not to give up or try to get out). He said that I had to do what was right for me, and I said that being there was not right for me anymore. I asked him what he knew about my leaving, and he said that he knew nothing. I said that he might as well know, because the office and SGT B knew already, and it wouldn’t be a secret for long. And I told him about going to the IG for a Medical Discharge. I said that I didn’t understand why SGT B should know and not him.I said that I had become to tried to fight anymore, and I gave up. SSG said that it explained why SFC M had been asking about my lousy work habits, and SSG K informed him that I didn’t have any poor work habits. He said that he told FC M that when I came to Tech Supply, we sat down and reached an agreement, and I never violated that agreement. I told SSG K that I was sorry, and said that he wouldn’t understand until later, but I just wanted to apologize in advance. He asked if it was because of something that might be coming, and I said yes-but tha he had nothing to worry about. I thanked him for being one of the few who ever stood up for me and supported me, and never held my past (1SG Orange) against me. I said that I could never thank him enough for always treating me with respect, and that I would miss him. Then I gave him a hug in front of my husband.

67. This brings me to the questions, why in the world would I be asked time and time again by SFC M or CPT O, to put in extra RMAs in the orderly room if my work habits are really that bad, and I was so lazy? This just doesn’t make any sense to me. I feel that CPT O and SFC M are just trying to discredit me, to try to save themselves. I spoke to MAJ A, and he said that he heard no negatives about me during his interviews at the unit.


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