The Beginning of the End Part 5

61. On 20 January 1998, SGT  called me to inform me about next drill. I asked if we were going to split-train Sunday, so we could go to Des Moines for 3 days in February. He said that I wouldn’t be going back to Camp Dodge or the EMC-C again. He said that because I had failed the PT Test, I would have to stay here. I got mad and said that SFC M promised me no retribution. He said that it came directly from CPT O. He told me not to feel bad, because SPC H would not be going, and not to tell her that she was being processed for discharge. He said she was going to have to turn in her TA-50. I was still upset, and he told me to take it up with SFC M.

62. SGT B called again and told me to bring my PT uniform Sunday, because I would be taking the PT Test again 1 February 1998. I said that this was it, I had absolutely had it. That I was tired of all their mind games, and I would be going to the Inspector General. SGT B said not to, and that I would need to talk to him and SSG K at drill first. I said no, that I was done, and wanted out. SGT B told me to go through the motions a little while longer, and that I needed to play their game. We both said simultaneously that I had been playing their game for years. Then I said I didn’t want to play anymore. I told SGT B that I had reached my limit, that I was done and wanted out, that I couldn’t take it anymore. He told me to calm down, and I said no. He said that SSG K and he would talk to me at drill, but not to go to the Inspector General. I informed him that I did not need his permission to speak to the Inspector General, nor did I need to utilize my chain of command. He agreed, but said that I did have to speak to him and SSG K at drill first. I said, “Whatever.” and I hung up on him.

63. For the last year or so, SSG K and I have had may discussions of the way I have been treated in the unit. He informed me that several times he has went to the Senior NCOs and told them to just leave me alone. That I was happy in Tech Supply, and they were happy with me, and the Senior staff should just stop trying to mess with me, because they lose almost every single time. He has told them just to let me be, and let me do my job, but he was overruled, and they just tried harder to find something else to do to me.

64. I had a friend, SPC Joan, from another unit in Iowa City. She went to her unit and got the number for the Inspector General’s office for me. I knew that it would not be possible for me to get it from my unit without a very hard time. That number is not posted anywhere that I know of. I finally called COL P 23 January 1998. I told him that I wanted out of the Iowa National Guard, that there was nowhere that I could go, where my reputation as a troublemaker wouldn’t find me. I started telling him all of this, and wrote it all down and sent it to him, along with the tapes. He said that I could press charges against my unit if I wanted, but asked to wait to do so until after his investigation was complete, because it might interfere with his investigation. He also told me that he could send me to any unit in the state of Iowa that wanted, just to let him know. I told him I would not be safe anywhere in the whole state, that I had pissed off too many important people along the way. He told me that he needed to check on a few things, and would call me back in a few minutes. About 15 minutes later, MAJ F called me back, and said that I was right, that there was nowhere in the state that I could go, where I would be safe, and that they would not be able to protect me. 27 January 1998, COL P and MAJ F told me that their investigation is pretty much over. All they are going to do is send the recommendations from the EEO forward to Battalion and Brigade, and they would consider the case closed. I now want to follow through on pressing charges against the unit.

65. After I was done talking to COL P and MAJ F, it took only 8 minutes for my unit to call me. SFC M asked what I had said to the IG, and I said that all I had asked for was a Medical Discharge. I called the IG back, and told them this. MAJ F said to stick to that story, and I said that I was to turn in my TA-50 31 January 1998. I have now had several conversations with the Inspector General’s office, and I have been told that there is a definite problem in the unit. A few other people are more than willing to come forward with some of their own problems, SPC A has also been sexually harassed by 1SG Wags, and she came forward, and was also talked out of pressing charges by CPT O and 1LT B.


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