Totally Off Topic

Hey, all.  Today is totally off topic and I figure that is okay.  You see, as survivors, we still live our lives.  We maybe go to work, have social events, attend a house of worship…and we watch TV.  I admit, I love television, partly because it is an easy escape.  I happen to love Law and Order SVU.  I love watching those guys bust perps.  Sometimes we have to live vicariously.

Last night I got a little upset, though.  I watched Dancing with the Stars.  Not something I would normally watch, but I love Jennifer Grey, and I love to watch her dance.  Of course, I had to watch it.  At the same time, I was a little upset with those people.  I don’t know if Ms. Grey was a part of it or if she was just the unwitting victim, but I can’t help but think that they totally exploited Patrick Swayze last night.  I think that they exploited Ms. Grey too.  Of the millions of songs in existence I found it odd that her instructor/partner chose a song that was on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  Did they really have to follow her crying self off to the dressing room during practices?  Of course, this would have some deep memories attached to it.  There would be no way to prevent that – but did they have to show every single tear that she cried? 

I found it disturbing.  I’m sorry if that seems over sensitive – but I can’t help it.  You know, Mr. Swayze, didn’t live and die in a vaccuum.  There are people who still mourn him…people who aren’t on TV. 

Okay, maybe this isn’t really that off topic, if you think about it.  It is “explotation” that leads to MST to begin with.  Isn’t it?  Power and Control.  Evoking the reaction that they wish to evoke.

Why can’t we just avoid sticking our fingers into open wounds.



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