The Beginning of the End Part 4

57. On both 15 and 16 January 1998, I had repeatedly told SGT B that I would not be taking the PT Test, because it wasn’t worth it on a sprained ankle. I said that SFC M had said that it was my choice, and no negative action would be taken against me if I didn’t take it, or fail it. SGT B would not listen to me, and forced me to take the PT Test. One-third into the run, my ankle gave out, and I quit because of the pain, and I limped for 3 days after that.

58. No one passed this PT Test, and only SPC R actually finished it (1 1/2 minutes over his time). Everyone quit before the test was finished, but I was the only one who failed. SGT B changed the times on everyone else’s cards, and failed me. I really didn’t care, because I was told that this test would not count against me. I didn’t want this to come out, because I knew SGT B will get in trouble, and PVT C, PVT B, SPC and SGT B will all have to retake the test, and will probably blame me.

59. On 17 January 1998, SGT B and I were talking about something, I can’t remember what. I was tired of all the crap the unit has done to me, and I was tired of them messing with my mind all of the time. He said that it wasn’t all that bad. I told him that he just didn’t understand, but something really big, and really bad had happened a few months earlier (meaning my charges against 1SG Wags), but I couldn’t talk about it. But I would say that I had really pissed them (the Cadret) off this time. He said that he already knew, because he had heard the rumors about 1SG Wags and me. I asked him what he had heard, but he would not comment. I said that I was not able to talk about it, but I said that he knew me, and I wouldn’t come forward for something petty. I said that when I felt threatened, and those I love are threatened, he had damned better believe that I wouldn’t  just take it lying down-or go quietly away. I had no choice but to come forward.

60. During the time that we were at Camp Dodge, I took PVT C under my wing. I explained things to her, and tried to share some of my wisdom with her. I explained how important it was that we used our professionalism and military bearing at all times while we were at the EMC-C, because it was a great privilege to be there in the first place. I told her that we had been trying for years to be allowed to train at the EMC-C, because there never was a mission for us at home. I also explained to her that we would have fun while working, because I would see to it. I was a firm believer that you are more productive if you are enjoying your work. Our little catch phrase was ‘gotcha covered,’ because I made sure that she had everything she would need while she was there. I always come prepared, and brought extra clothes, blankets, toothpaste and so on, because there is always someone new who does not know how to pack. At one point, SGT B told us that it didn’t matter, because once we got back to the unit, they would de-Brigidtize her. I said that once you go Brigid, you never go back. We all believed this to be a joke, but several people have been warned to stay away from me, because I am a bad influence, because I teach people how to stand up for themselves.


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