Blessings from Dad

Well, this is sort of a weird one to write up – but I think that it has to be mentioned.

I took the day off work yesterday and picked up Brigid.  The big day had arrived, the statements were done, it was time to file her VA compensation claim.  I was not letting her go through this day alone.

We had completed most of the work ourselves so there would be a minimal amount of things that the representative would have to do.  I had spoken at length with the county claims rep – so they were well prepared. 

Brigid did a terrific job!  It is always one of the hardest things that we survivors have to do…filing that paperwork.  In addition to the other Power of Attorney’s she had to file, we also decided to file one for me so that I could make arrangements on her behalf.  In comes the inevitable “security” question.  The last question on the list is, “What is your father’s middle name.”

We busted into fits of laughter at that point and we both said her dad’s nickname at exactly the same time.  It was like a special blessing from Brigid’s dad – who was a Vietnam vet and suffered from Agent Orange exposure and PTSD.

So, here comes the weird part that I don’t talk about much with people out of the know.  I have a little gift…or maybe a curse…I talk to people who are not physically there.  This is not a result of my military experience, it is something I have done my whole life.  Some people call it “second sight” or psychic ability or discernment…however you want to describe it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no John Edward or Sylvia Browne, I just sometimes know things and see things others can’t see.

One of those people is Brigid’s dad.  He died 10 years ago but he has been with her ever since.  I met him only once and on the first anniversary of his passing he dropped in at my house.  He has dropped in ever since.  I never know when and I never know where – but when he stops by I call Brigid.  He is my “warning beacon” …letting me know that Brigid needs me NOW.  He has done the same thing to Brigid – letting her know to call me right away.  He seems to have made it his mission to watch over both of us.  Although he does have one crazy sense of humor at times…and yesterday – he was in rare form.

Shortly after we decided that our security question would be her Dad – he decided to get very playful and ran his fingers down the side of my neck.  This caused me to blush furiously and really broke me into giggles.

He was there – he was sending his blessings.  I’m not sure what else to say on that except that it was sure nice to have giggle fits in the middle of so much emotional pain and worry.  I think I will just let Brigid chime in on the rest of this – except to say; “Thanks, Dad…for being there.”



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