The Beginning of the End Part 3

56. I really didn’t want to bring this part up, but you will find out about it anyway, so I might as well tell you. The only reason I don’t want to, is because people are going to get into trouble, and SPC H told me that she was going to the Inspector General’s office and tell them not only about this, but everything else too. SPC H was one of five to test positive for drugs, and she was the only female, and the only one to be discharged even though it was only her first offense. Two of the males had tested positive more than once. One of the others is now going to PLDC.

On 15 January 1998, SGT TB, SPC H, PVT C, PVT B and myself went to Camp Dodge to work in the EMC-C. CW3 A and SPC R joined us the next day. We had to pay for our billets for the weekend. That night, SPC H, PVT C and I planned to go to Hy-Vee for munchies. But before we left, SGT B pulled me aside and told me that CPT O had ordered him to tell us that none of us (including him) were to go and drink off post because PVT C and PVT B were both minors. He said that we could, however, drink in the billets if we wanted. So, SPC H, PVT C and I went to Hy-Vee, and purchased pop, munchies and beer (for myself and SPC H). We both repeatedly told PVT C that we could not purchase alcohol for her, nor would we give her any of ours. I said it was because I would not take the blame for her drinking, like what had happened at AT-96. PVT C said no problem, because she didn’t come there to drink anyway, and didn’t want to drink. The only reason that we bought some beer, is because both SPC H and myself are insomniacs, and one beer would help us sleep, so we could function the next day. We each drank less than 2 beers that night, and went to bed.

When we returned to the billets, SGT TB and PVT B were gone. I knew exactly where they had gone, because I had heard them mention several times about going to Hooters, but I chose not to tell the others. PVT C was drinking a glass of water when they returned, and SGT TB asked was she was drinking. I told him as sarcastically as I could that  she was drinking straight vodka, because it was odorless, and could pass for water. SGT TB thought that I was telling the truth, and believed me, and asked four more times if she was really drinking water. I told him the first time that I was only kidding and she was drinking water. I was finally able to convince him that she was not drinking vodka, but water, but it took her drinking 3 more glasses of water for him to believe us.

I aske SGT TB where he had been, and he said, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” I pushed and asked if they had gone to Hooters, and he finally admitted that they had. So, 16 January 1998, after work, I told SPC H and PVT C that what was good for the gander was just as good for the goose. I asked them if they wanted to go The Boathouse, because minors were allowed to be there, just not allowed to drink. I said that if SGT TB and PVT B could go to Hooters, than we could go to The Boathouse. I reminded PVT C that under no circumstances would I allow her to drink, because I would not take responsibility for her, nor would SPC R be allowed to come with us, because I was not his babysitter. We went to Hy-Vee, Subway, and then The Boathouse. We were there not 15 minutes, when who of all people should walk in, but SGT TB. Then another 15 minutes later, SPC R came in. Several people tried to buy PVT C a drink, but either she or I say no, that she was only 18 years old. Eventually SGT TB gave her a beer. I never did see her drink, and whenever I saw a beer in front of her, I pushed it back to the person who had bought it for her. She told me later that she did drink part of the beer SGT TB bought for her. PVT C, SGT TB and I were the only ones of the 5 of us to stay sober. When we got back to the billets, I allowed PVT C to have a few sips of my beer, since she had pretty much done as I had asked at The Boathouse. I know that I was wrong to disobey SGT TB, and to go to The Boathouse, but I was trying to prove the same old point. That there should not be two sets of rules for males and females, and he and SPC R did go there too.


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