The Beginning of the End Part 2

53. In October 1997, we had lasagna for lunch, and I started to eat it. After about 2 bites, I realized that it had cheddar cheese in it. I am allergic to cheddar cheese, and I ran to the bathroom to throw up. SSG K had my husband take me home because I was sick. The next day, SSG K asked when I was making up drill. I said never, count me unexcused, but it was not my fault that I got sick-no one puts cheddar cheese in lasagna, and the cooks know to warn me about cheddar.George missed just as much time as me, but he was coded present, and he wasn’t even sick. I reaised hell until I got my way. If George was counted present, than so should I. And if I had to make up time, so should he. It took all day, but SGT B’s response was , “OK, but tell her not to eat cheddar in the future.” I informend them that I had not eaten cheddar willingly in over 6 years, since I discovered I was allergic to it. SSG F (Head cook) apologized that day, and said he had no ieda himself that his cooks used the cheddar instead of the mozzarella, until it was too late. I can eat mozzarella.

54. n 1-14-98, SGT TB called me to tel me that I was to take my PT test in Camp Dodge that weekend. I said no, that I was on a profile pending the outcome of the Medical Review Board. He said the SFC M said that I was to do the pushups and the run. I said no. SGT TB said that if I had a problem, I should take it up with SFC M because he was only doing what he was told.

55. On 1-14-98 I called the Armory and spoke with SFC M. He informed me that a request for a permanent profile had crossed the Commander’s desk, and thae Commander sent it forward. He said that meant I could take the PT test. I said no, that the request was just part of the process of the Medical Review Board, and they wanted CPT O’s opinion, that was why it had to be sent back. I told SFC M that he knew that. I said I was on a temporary profile pending the outcome of the Board. He said that it expired. I said yes, and that I wasnever sent back to the ATMC for another on, and that I hadn’t been release from profile. He said he wasn’t sure about any of this, and would have to ask SGT B, who was down the hall. I informed him that I had just sprained my toes and ankle at work less than two weeks earlier, and that I had missed 3 days of work. He just laughed. I asked if this PT test would be for the record. He said if I passed it would, but if I didn’t, or didn’t take it, there would be no negative action taken against me. He said that it was my choice to take it, and I said no. I asked him to get back to me ASAP about the review board and he said he would. He didn’t.


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