The Beginning of the End Part 1

The stuff I am going to post now is part of a statement I sent to the Inspector General’s office, when I came forward with everything that had happened in my last unit. I am only going to include the part that starts with what happened after I came forward about Ranger Wags, and what subsequently happened to me over the next several months, until I was finally kicked out of the Guard. Later on I will post the first part of this statement, and again, it will take several posts to get it all. I am starting at #50, if that tells you how bad things were in my unit. It is really amazing the lengths some people higher up in the chain of command are willing to go, to allow things like this to continue.

50. In August 1997 I came forward with my allegations against 1SG Wags. CPT O said that he couldn’t control what his 1SG or full-time staff did, and couldn’t keep them from gossiping about me. I had been passing the orderly room on my way to the latrine, and I heard SFC M, SGT B, SFC H and SFC U talking about me. I could not hear exactly what they were saying, but I head my name. They saw me, and all of their mouths dropped open, and they said nothing else and shut the door. I got the cold shoulder from them after that. I never understood why SGT B tried to discredit me; she suffered from discrimination while she was in the unit by 1SG Wags as well. When she first came to the unit in September 1996, she asked 1SG Wags about meeting for breakfast on drill weekends, (every drill weekend, any of the senior staff were allowed to go to breakfast with 1SG Wags and discuss what would be happening at drill-SFC M did this when he was the Unit Clerk, like SGT B was now). 1SG Wags informed her that it was for men only. She said that her husband would be there (SFC B), and she would not be driving all the way back to Marion after dropping SFC B off. He said that she could just go to the Armory early, that it was for “senior staff” only, and wives were to be left at home. She said that when SFC M had done her job, he was welcome, but 1SG Wags said that she would not be welcome. SGT B told me about this, and I said that it was just that ‘good old boys network’ and we didn’t belong in their eyes.

51. on 16 August 1997, before I had my meeting with CPT O, SSG K and 1LT B pulled me off to the side for a little meeting. In this meeting, 1LT B tried repeatedly to get me to back down from pressing charges against 1SG Wags. I was highly upset, but said nothing. He said in the later meeting that he was only trying to protect me and look out for me.

52. In the meeting with CPT O, 1LT B and SSG K, we talked about possible alternatives. This conversation is all on tape, I was threatened repeatedly by 1LT B. He said that all of the rumors that had been proven false would be brought up, and made to look like they were true, (this would be rumors that I had group sex with a female and male soldier). He also told me that I would have to testify in front of Congress, and that proceeding would cost me everything. I told him that I had to answer to myself and my daughter, and how could I look at myself in the mirror, or my daughter and no that I didn’t try to make the world a better place, no matter what the sacrifice. Then 1SG Wags walked in, and I about freaked out. 1SG left immediately, he only came in to intimidate me. 1LT B stated he didn’t realize I felt so strongly about this, and then told me that maybe I should proceed after all. In the meeting that followed this one, several conditions were greed upon for me not to press charges against 1SG Wags. I thought that I had recorded this meeting, but I was having technical difficulties. The conditions were the following: 1-1SG Wags was never to speak to me again. 2-1SG Wags was never to speak one on one to another female alone again. 3-1SG Wags was to go through a sexual harassment class. 4-1SG Wags was to retire by October 1007. 5-CPT O was to recommend that I  not be discharged when the time came for his response to the Medical Review Board. 6-I was not to see any retribution. 7-SGT B and SFC M, or anyone else were not to know any of the specifics of this. I agreed to not press charges and they agreed to all of my conditions, but not a single one of them was met. 1SG Wags still spoke to me, and other females, and didn’t retire in October.  On top of it all, I had been threatened by my platoon leader, 1LT B, by telling me I would have to testify before Congress. Yet all present at this meeting believed me about what had happened, but they thought I should just let it go. I guess I should have just taken it like a man!

With blood boiling,



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