Conversation Records Part 5

8-14-97 0900 hrs: I told PFC L that SGT B had been reprimanded for her actions, and PFC L became upset. I explained that SGT B had already informed the Commander that she was asking questions that afternoon, and that CPT O did not tell her to stop. I told PFC L that I was only telling her this, so that she would not hear it from someone else. I also told PFC L to inform her cousin, SGT B, that I though she got a raw deal. I said that CPT O should have reprimanded her on the spot, not wait until I had learned of her investigation. I told her that I thought the Commander had displayed poor judgement, and that he had acted in an unprofessional manner.

8-14-97 2050 hrs: I beeped SSG K, and he returned my call. I was only calling because he had asked me to the night before, to let him know what had happened with the Commander. I told him that I had taped the conversation with the Commander, and that I could have CPT O’s ass if I wanted. I told SSG K that I was still extremely upset. He said that he was still pretty mad himself. I told him that I was receiving the cold shoulder at the Armory that day, and SSG K said that it did not surprise him. SSG K said that he and 1LT B had discussed that it was his (SSG K’s) role to make sure that things were handled professionally, and that he was not just following me blindly, but he wanted to make sure that things were handled properly. SSG K said that he didn’t like the Commander’s comment to him that he had no control of his 1SG. I then told SSG K that CPT O had said the same to me, and that CPT O also stated he had no control over his full-time staff as well. SSG K said that he didn’t like the idea of SGT B asking questioned. I informed SSG K that CPT O had told me that he ad called the Armory the day before, and how SGT B freely told him that she was asking questions, and he did not reprimand her on the spot, but had waited until I found out to do anything about it. We both agreed that CPT O had handled the whole situation wrong up until then. SSG K also agreed with me that SGT B had no business acting as Investigating Officer, since there would be no way that she could possibly be assigned as such. SSG K was also not pleased with the idea that CPT O had asked 1SG Wags ‘vague’ questions to warn him, so that he would not be taken off guard by an Investigating Officer showing up to take his statement, because 1SG Wags was his ‘friend’. SSG K said that he was concerned about the comment that SFC H had made to me on Monday, that I was always in the middle of something. He explained that was why he had chosen to bypass that part of the chain of command, and went straight to 1LT Baloch. He said that he would probably be in trouble for that, but not to worry. He said he could take the heat from SFC H. I informed SSG K that CPT O had agreed with me, that SSG K would be in the meeting on Saturday. SSG K said that was fine with him as well. I told him that I was glad that he would be there, because he could help to keep my temper in check. SSG K agreed, and said that I couldn’t afford to lose my cool, and then stressed that I needed to maintain. i told him that I was putting on a brave front, acting as if nothing was happening, and stated how hard that was. SSG K encouraged me, and said that he understood completely. SSG K said tha this wife was getting upset because he was getting too personally involved. I agreed, and apologized. I told him that I felt I needed to prove to him that I wasn’t lying, and told him about how SPC A had come to know about my past relationship with 1SG Wags. I said that I would see him on Saturday.

This is the end of the Conversation Records that I took. What will follow is part of another statement that I had written to the Inspector General’s office. In that statement, it told of everything that transpired from this point on, until I was finally discharged several months later. I know I have stated before that it will make your blood boil, but this really will. It is amazing to what lengths people in high places will go to help cover up the atrocities others in positions of power commit, and how they really like to injure/threaten the lower ranking people who are already victims.



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  1. Beatris Waggy Says:

    Probably the most to the point plus up-to-date facts I found on that area. I am sure happy that I found that page by accident. I’ll be signing up to your own feed in order that I will get the current posts. Like the information here.

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