Conversaion Records Part 4

8-13-97 2140 hrs: CPT O called and said that it didn’t come from him. He stated that it came from 1SG Wags, and that 1SG Wags must have called SGT B. He said that he had not broken his word. CPT O said that he didn’t tell 1SG Wags that I accused him of anything, that he instead asked 1SG Wags some ‘vague’ questions concerning this, and he must have figured out that I had alleged something, and 1SG Wags was only trying to perform damage control. I said that i was under the impression that he was not going to tell anyone until I had made my decision. CPT O then responded that he had needed to get 1SG Wag’s statement. HE HAD NOT TOLD ME THAT! He said that he asked 1SG Wags the questions because he did not want 1SG Wags to be taken by surprise when an investigating officer showed up to take his statement, because “1SG Wags was his friend.” CPT O als said that he didn’t take 1SG Wag’s statement yet. He said that he had not control over his 1SG, or whomever 1SG Wags told. He also informed me that he had no control over his full-time staff as well. I stated how upset, concerned, angry, and uncomfortable I was by SGT B knowing now, and her subsequent attempt to discredit me. I sad that she had no business takin gon the role of Investigating Officer, and CPT O agreed. He admitted that he had called her that afternoon, and she informed him she had been asking PFC L questions. He said he would have to call her after we were done and reprimand her, but he had no control over her. I asked if SSG M also knew, but he said he didn’t know. I asked if he was going to find out. He said that if SGT B knew, it was a safe bet that SSG M knew, as well as her husband SFC B. I told him that SFC H had made the weird comment and that concerned me. He said that he and 1LT B decided to inform him because he was my Platoon SGT. I said that was really great (sarcastically), because we had drill that weekend, and now everyone would know because it would spread like a wildfire. He said he couldn’t guarantee that wouldn’t happen, but he couldn’t guarantee that it would either. I said I was upset that no on had bothered to inform ME that SFC H was to be informed, and that I would have a lot to contend with now at drill that weekend. And I stated that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but if I didn’t have to be there every day, but I did, and that this was MY LIFE we were dealing with. I made it abundantly clear that i never said that the conversation that took place the previous Friday had anything to do with sexual connotations or references, just that it gave me the creeps because 1SG Wags was being TOO nice. He agreed that I didn’t say it was about sexual harassment on Friday. I told him about telling PFC L I should speak to her anymore about this for both or protection. He agreed. I told him that I hadn’t violated any regulations by confiding in her, and he agreed. I requested, demanded, that SSG K be in the meeting we would be having, and CPT O agreed. I said I still refused to meet in the Commander’s office, because 1SG’s office is next door, and you can hear everything that is said in the commander’s office if you are in 1SG’s office. He said that the meeting would be down the hall. Then we joked around a little, and he said he would be calling SGT B.


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  1. david michel Says:

    people are stupid

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