For What It’s Worth

“I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down.

 Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away”

 For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

 This song has been stuck in my brain for several days.  It has always been one of my favorite songs and it seems particularly poignant today.  It really seems as though so many people are running around in our government with their heads buried in the sand. 

 I didn’t even hear about the recent dismissal’s and non-judiciary punishment of certain naval personnel due to “misconduct” until Jay wrote about it in his blog.  Obviously, the media is really concerned about all of this because it sure hasn’t been mentioned anywhere that I have seen, and I am a true news junkie.

 Paul Taylor, a Navy spokesman, stated:  “We do not tolerate this sort of conduct in the military.”

 Really, Mr. Taylor?  Because from my perspective it isn’t just tolerated…it is encouraged.  How is it encouraged?  It is encouraged because the people who do it lose a month’s pay and get reassigned…and that is considered justice.  IF it is punished at all, more often than not, the perpetrators continue on their merry ways while the victim is punished. 

 Apparently, LT Jerome Randolph, did receive court martial and two years in jail.  Hopefully, he is making very big rocks into very little rocks in Leavenworth…but the articles don’t say.  He had, what he claims, as consensual sex with a 19 y/o female in his stateroom.  She stated that it was forced.  What the true story is, only these two people know, but I would like to explain something about this.

 If you are an officer or an NCO in the U. S. Military then you really need to pay attention to this.  I am going to help you possibly save your career.


 So long as you hold RANK over a person, whether or not they are in your chain-of-command, you cannot have consensual sex with them.  Period.  End of Statement.

 Theoretically, yes, they can consent.  They are grown ups.  They can “want you bad.”  Legally, they cannot consent.  You need to get that through your thick head!  Even if the lower ranking person gets on the stand and says they wanted to have sex, it is still against the UCMJ.  It is called Fraternizing – and it is wrong. 

 When are we going to stop and look around?  When is the military going to take a close look at what is happening out there?  When is the media going to wake up and start reporting?

 Our area just deployed three thousand people to a theater of operations.  According to statistics, approximately 500 of them are going to come home with an exposure to Military Sexual Trauma.  That is just “statistics” that doesn’t count the real numbers.  Being very knowledgeable of the “policies” of a couple of the units – I can pretty much make a scientific wild-ass guess that the real numbers are “much” higher.  Especially when the real policy is:  “sexual harrassment is not prosecuted – but it is a graded exercise – so do it very, very well.”

 I can’t help but worry about them…for what it’s worth.




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