Conversaion Records Part 3

8-13-97 1130 hrs: I was talking to PFC L, and was walking away when she called me back and told me that something strange had happened that morning. She said that SGT B told her she was doing some research and had a few questions that would help her clarify something. She asked PFC L if anything the 1SG had said Friday to us would be considered sexual. Cary said no, he just acted too nice and it gave us the creeps. I got scared and mad, the only reason SGT B would ask that was if she knew. I told PFC L that heads would roll. I told PFC L that CPT O promised no one else would be let in on this until I made my decision. I told PFC L that they were already trying to discredit me, twisting my words. I NEVER said Friday’s conversation had anything to do with sexual connotations. SGT B told PFC L that she had heard part of the conversation through the open window, and had heard his comment about me going to work.

8-13-97 12 hrs: I informed PFC L that I did not think it was a wise idea to speak about this matter anymore, for not only my protection, but hers as well. I said I didn’t know where all of this was going, but it was going, and I didn’t want any appearances of impropriety on my part. I said it was within my rights to come to her in the first place, and that I had not violated any regulations by doing so. If anything, I was following what we were told in briefings about sexual harassment every year, to tell a friend. PFC L agreed and I said I would ask SSG K about this. I said that action was being taken now, and I did not want her caught in the crossfire. She said that she did not want to be dragged into this, but if she is, she will do what has to be done. PFC L said that it was my decision to make, and that she wouldn’t be hurt if I quit confiding in her, but if sh were a civilian, there would be no problem. So why should it be different just because she is in the unit? She is still my friend. She was also concerned about what kind of outlet I would have, if I didn’t confide in her anymore. I asked her to still tell me if she heard anything else, and she agreed. She said she had only wanted to warn me and give me a heads up that SGT B knows now.

8-13-97 1340 hrs: I asked PFC L to clarify something she had said earlier. 1SG Wags was out there the day before, but she didn’t see him. SGT B had told her that he was there, around 1630 hrs, and SGT B remarked that he still left his wheelbarrow behind again, and that was all. I said that meant that 1SG Wags would be coming back for his wheelbarrow, and PFC L said that she agreed that was the case.

8-13-97 2130 hrs: I called SSG K, and he called back. I told him I was angry and upset, and then I explained to him what PFC L had told me that day. I told him that I wrote it all down, and he said that was good. I told him that I told PFC L that it might be wise not to discuss this with her anymore, and he agreed that it was a good idea. He was also highly upset as well and told me he was going to call the commander immediately, and then let me go.


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