Conversaion Records Part 2

8-11-97 1150 hrs: SSG K called me at the Armory. I told him about the conversation I had with CPT O. SSG K said that he didn’t feel comfortable with the commander mentioning his friendship with 1SG Wags repeatedly. SSG K said that I needed to begin writing down all conversations regarding this matter, and I informed him that I had recorded the first part of the conversation with CPT O (and how I was put on hold while he talked to his mother). SSG K was concerned that CPT O might try to warn 1SG Wags to watch himself around me. SSG K also said that it was a wise decision on my part to let CPT O know that I knew about SPC A. SSG K said that he would call me that evening, and advised me again to write down all conversations concerning this.

8-11-97 1015 hrs: SFC H walked by me as I was smoking and said, “You know Brigid, you always seem to be right in the middle of something.” I asked later what he meant, and I didn’t really get a straight answer.

8-12-97 2130 hrs: 1 beeped SSG K and he returned my call. I told him I was paranoid, and had taped the fist 15 minutes of the conversation I had with CPT O. And that CPT O said twice in the first 5 minutes that 1SG Wags was his friend, and that it did cross his mind that it was too much of a coincidence that this could happen to me twice. He also told me that 1LT S had sexual harassment charges filed against him, but I didn’t get the impression that an investigation was still going on, but that 1LT S had lost his commission because of it. SSG K wanted to know if I was taping our conversation. I told him no, because I trusted him. He said good, because he didn’t want anyone to know what we were discussing. I told him I was wired for sound at all times. SSG K said he would bet his bottom dollar that 1SG had already been warned. He said the 1LT B and he were already in agreement that I had nothing to gain, and lots to lose. I said that I hadn’t spoken to 1LT B. SSG K told me to call if anything important happened. I told him about yesterday with SFC H and he said that 1LT B had told him he was going to inform SFC H, because he was my platoon SGT. That comment concerned me as well.


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