Conversaion Records Part 1

So after I send the Ranger Wags statement to my Section Sergeant, SSG K said I should write all conversations down. Some of the following may seem boring, while some of it will get your blood boiling. Again, this is several pages, and several posts to come.

8-8-97: I was leaving the Armory at 1630 hrs with PFC L. We were walking out while I spotted 1SG Wags pull up in his truck. I muttered under my breath, jumped in my car and waited for the 1SG to park his truck, because he was blocking the way. 1SG Wags and PFC L were talking for a few minutes. I gave up and decided to try to go around them. I got up beside them and 1SG Wags said, “What, aren’t you going to stick around and talk to me?” He said this in a very nice way, which is unusual for him. I said, “Sorry, I have to get to work.: 1SG said, “Work, what do you call this? Hey, I had to give up my job for two weeks.” I said, “My job doesn’t interfere with Guard time.” And I sped off. PFC L was there the whole time.

8-9-97: I called SSG K, and he returned my call at 1415 hrs. I told him what had transpired the day before. I told him that it was not what 1SG had said, but how he had said it. I felt that this meant 1SG Wags wasn’t done with me yet. SSG K said that I needed to decided what I wanted to do, if I was ready for him to talk to 1LT B, and I responded that I wasn’t sure yet. SSG K said that I would have to decide by drill if possible.

8-10-97: At 1100 hrs, I called SSG K and informed him that I was ready to go to 1LT B, but on the condition that I was able to talk to 1LT B before he went forward to CPT O. SSG said he would call 1LT B, and then get back to me.

8-10-97 2100 hrs: SSG K called and said that he had just got off the phone with 1LT B. He said that 1LT B said that he would proceed by the book and that 1LT B was calling CPT O right at that moment. I started crying. SSG K put me on hold because he had another call on the other line. When SSG K came back, he informed me that CPT O was trying to get through to me, but my line was busy, so I said goodbye and hung up.

8-10-97 2130 hrs: CPT O called, and I knew it was him, so I recorded this conversation (I have been through something like this before, and felt it necessary to protect myself, and am glad that I did.) Our conversation lasted until about 2215 hrs, with a 20 minute break that I was on hold for while he talked to his mother on the other line. I shared with him my concerns that I would not be believed, and that I felt I would be ostracized and labeled a troublemaker. I proceeded to tell CPT O all of the details. CPT O assured me that even though he was friends with 1SG Wags, he could remain objective. He repeated several times withing this conversation that he WAS friends with 1SG Wags. He used and incident regarding 1LT S as an example of how he could remain objective. He informed me that he believed 1SG Wags was innocent until proved guilty. He als agreed that it did seem a little too coincidental that this could happen twice in a row to me. CPT O informed me that we would proceed however I wanted. I could avoid 1SG Wags if I wanted, I could press charges against 1SG Wags if I wanted, and CPT O informend me of what would happen if I did. He assured me that I would not be ostracized. I informed him that I knew all about the incident considering SPC A (She also had problems with 1SG Wags in the past, and had told me about it later). We decided to wait until drill to proceed, so that I could get 1SG Wags on tape if I needed to proceed. That way I would have proof that he had sexually harassed me.



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