Ranger Wags Part 11

While 1SG Wags and I were in his office, he started to look up old 1379s, and was saying how much he had missed people that were gone. I said that by October, he would probably be missing the unit, and wishing that he could come back. He said that no one had made it worth his while to stay, and looked at me funny. I did not respond, so he repeated this statement, stressing it, that no one HAD MADE IT WORTH HIS WHILE YET, but I just played dumb, and di not respond. But I knew what he meant.

I said that I needed a cigarette, and 1SG Wags said that he did too. So, I went to where 1SG Wags wanted me to take my breaks, but he did not go there. I found him after my cigarette, and I bought him a Pepsi. I meant to tell him that the Pepsi was his going away present, but I didn’t get the chance, but that was my intention.

On Sundays after formation, I usually have George drop me off at home, while he goes and picks up my daughter half an hour away. But after formation that day, I went with him, so I could tell him everything that had happened that day. We both decided that I really had no other choice, but to call SSG K and ask him to keep me away from 1SG Wags for the next two months. I told George that I couldn’t ask SSG K to keep me away from 1SG Wags without telling him all of the gory details, including what had transpired 8 1/2 years earlier. George said that I would have to go to SSG K anyway, and I said that I would call him as soon as we got home.

We got home at 1700 hours, only to discover that 1SG Wags had called and left a message on our answering machine at 1630 hours, from the Armory. The message said again that George could not go to PLDC until he got his diploma. Both George and I were understandably upset by this call, because there had been absolutely no need for it. And, 1SG Wags had never called before, except the night we had gone out 8 1/2 years earlier. This call was unnecessary, as this was the fourth time he had told us that George couldn’t get promoted in less than a month.

So, I went upstairs and called SSG K, and told him everything. But I made him promise not to do anything right away, until I had time to decide what I wanted to do. At 1800 hours, 1SG Wags called yet again, from home this time. I answered the phone. 1SG Wags asked to speak to George. He told George for the 5th time that he could not be promoted without a diploma. I was very unsettled after this call.

I never wanted to have to tell anyone this, because I have regretted that night for 8 1/2 years, and have hated myself for it. My worst nightmare has come to pass, my dirty little secret is out now, and I don’t think 1SG Wags should be rewarded with retirement after what he has put me, and at least one other woman that I know of through. I only hope I have the strength to do what is right.

This is the end of the actual statement. Following this will be conversation records and other things.



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