Ranger Wags Part 10

During this break was when he illustrated exactly what he  meant by being able to “fuck up” (his words) anyone he wanted. He said that he had 8 NCOERs to do, and how he had stayed up late the night before, and was able to complete 5, but that he still had 3 left to do yet. He told me that he was going to “Fuck” two of his E-7s because they had pissed him off. He said tha tone of his E-7s thought that his personal life was more important than the Guard, and the other’s family was more important. he said that  this is what he mean that he could “fuck up” anyone’s career that he wanted, because he was going to put unsatisfactory on two places of each of their NCOERs, and asked me if I knew what that meant. I said I understood, because I have had to type up NCOERs in the past. He said that was how he was able to screw up people’s careers if he wanted, and asked if I understood. I said yes.

1SG Wags had me working at his desk, and he worked in the orderly room. He kept telling people that I had kicked him out of his office, which is untrue. I wanted to work in the orderly room, not his office. He asked if they didn’t agree that he was such a nice guy for allowing me to use his office, while he was forced to suffer in the orderly room. I would try to leave the odor open, but he would shut it every time. Every time that we would be alone, I would try to leave the door open, but he always would have me shut it, or he shut it himself.

I worked fast, so I could get out of there as soon as I could, and every time I thought I was done, he would give me something else to do. All I wanted was to get away from him. I ran out of things to do after lunch, except to file a few items, which took all of 5 minutes. So, he had me sit in his office, and did not release me. Instead, we sat in his office and BS’d until George came in and asked me if I wanted a pop. I said sure, and 1SG Wags told George that he needed a Pepsi. George returned with a pop for me, but not for 1SG Wags. He asked where his pop was. George said that 1SG Wags didn’t give him any money for pop. Then the three of us discussed George’s promotion status, that he could not get promoted without his High School Diploma. George said that he already knew this, because 1SG Wags had already informed him of this twice. I asked 1SG Wags to help me to convince George that he needed to get his Diploma so that he could get promoted. After George left, 1SG Wags and I looked up my promotion status. I wasn’t eligible because of PT.


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