Ranger Wags Part 9

Then 1SG Wags finally arrived, about 15 minutes later, which seemed like an eternity. He had me just stand there, while he dealt with other people. When he was done, he had me shut the door, and I asked him what I had done to be in so much trouble. 1SG Wags said that I was going to help him with the semi-annual weigh in. I said, “That’s all? You scared the shit out of me!” He said that he had just treated me like that, to get me going, and to see if I would fall for it, which I did. 1SG Wags proceeded to tell me that he could get me these cushy jobs, and what a nice guy he was for allowing me to work for him, and sit in the nice air conditioning, instead of slaving away out in cold storage, in a hot cage and doing manual labor.

He said that I was really lucky that he liked me so much, and I could take as long as I wanted, and take as many breaks as I wished. He said that I could take all day on this detail if I wanted, or I could work fast and be done with it, and go back outside in the hot sun, it was up to me. He said that he could let me work for him every month and give me the nice jobs, because he was such a nice guy, and I should feel lucky that he liked me so much. Or, he could make me pull KP every month, it was up to me.

He taunted me all day, telling me that he could ‘fuck over’ anyone that he wanted, because he had all the power in the unit. He said that this was the best part of being a First Sergeant, being able to mess with anyone if he wanted to He then brough up my husband, cousin, and best friend. H didn’t exactly threaten them, he just said that he could give anyone ‘shitty’ details, or be nice to them, and I should be grateful that he thought so much of me.

I looked at his watch, it was 0922 hours. All I could think of at that point, was how in the world was I going to be able to make it throughout this day, if it was only 0922 hours. I told 1SG Wags that I needed a cigarette, and he said that he did too. He said that he wanted to show me where “WE ELITE” were to have our breaks, at the other end of the Armory. He said that I should not have to smoke with those undesirables at the other end of the Armory, because I was lucky enough to be working for him now, and I should start taking my breaks here. I didn’t respond to much of his rambling and bragging, except to say “Really” or “OK”.



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