Ranger Wags Part 8

I told George all about this conversation in the car on the way home that night, and he wanted to talk to SSG K or to 1SG Wags himself, but I was terrified of what might happen if he did. I was able to convince him that it was probably just an isolated incident, that I had made it clear that I was not interested, and if he went to SSG K, I would have to tell him everything about that night. And I really didn’t want to relive it all over again, or tell SSG K my dirty little secret. I was able to convince George to let it go, that I could handle it, and besides, 1SG Wags was returning in September, 1997, and I would never have to see him again.

But the next morning, 20 July 1997, I was working in the cage in cold storage putting shelves together. 1SG Wags came in and told SPC F that I was to report to his office as soon as possible. I though I must be in a lot of trouble if he wouldn’t even address me, so I asked if I had done something wrong. He just ignored me and again told SPC F to have me report to his office as soon as I completed putting that shelf together. I asked over and over what I had done, what kind of trouble was I in, but he would not even look at me. 1SG Wags kept ignoring me, and told SPC F not to expect me to come back for a while. SPC F asked how long a while was, and 1SG Wags told him not to expect me back for the rest of the day. I was terrified, and shaking badly, but SPC F said that it was probably just for a detail, but I was sure George had said something.

When I was done with that shelf, I went and found George, instead of reporting directly to 1SG Wag’s office like I was told. I had to find out if George had said something, and find out if that was why I was in so much trouble. George said that he hadn’t aid anything, and couldn’t figure out why I could be in trouble. I told him that 1SG Wags had done this in front of my section, and they thought I was in deep trouble as well. Then I reported to 1SG Wags’ office, but he wasn’t there, so I had to wait.

Now it gets really bad…



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