From the Top Down

So, I have decided to take a break today from posting my Ranger Wags Story. There are a few things I have been wanting to say lately, and thought maybe I should wait to say them until after the Ranger Wags saga was complete. But that could take a few weeks, so you get my thoughts today.

The thought has struck me that since war has begun thousands of years ago, what has been the one constant? Rape and plunder. Yes, as crude and dark ages as that may seem, rape and plunder were the rewards that soldiers got for 1000s of years. But we are not in the dark ages anymore, are we? Or are we? Really, think about it. Vietnam, Korea. How many women native to those countries were raped by American soldiers? Many. Many, many women were raped by the military forces that were there to free them. No wonder Korea hates us, really.

What was different in the dark ages? Women didn’t serve with their fellow-man, usually. St Joan was burned at the stake as a heretic for serving, and fighting. She was also raped just because she fought and lead troops, and was a woman. And she wasn’t raped by the enemy of France, but by her own country man. Sick, isn’t it?

For the last few decades, women have finally been allowed to serve, that doesn’t mean they chose to serve to be raped or harassed. I was raped in Ft Gordon by two privates. I was raped by one of my SSGs (who became my 1SG), and almost by another 1SG. Twice, two  different of the most powerful enlisted man in my unit tried to force me to having sex with them. How was I treated when I came forward both times? Like it was my fault, how dare I, I deserved it. I got kicked out of the National Guard because of it. What would have happened if I had just given in to either? I don’t even want to fathom it.

My point is, I was raped by fellow soldiers, and harassed endlessly by others. There is a culture in our military that allows this to continue. What I want to know, is how many high-ranking soldiers have raped/harassed fellow soldiers along the way? How many Generals? Several years ago, President Clinton cleared the CSM of the Army of sexual harassment charges. Oh was I pissed that day. When our leaders very high up openly get away with it, what hope do we have? Until a top ranking soldier finally has to pay publically for what they have done, I don’t think there will be a change.

So, from the top down a drastic change is needed. Did you know that a few thousand years ago, in Ireland, women proudly fought beside the men. Those women were not raped. And if they were, they had this thing called Brehon Law, and the culprit had to pay a steep fine to the woman he disgraced. If he was unable to do so, his family had to. And HE was the one disgraced, not the woman. Too bad that wasn’t still the practice today.

OK, done ranting for the day. Just felt the need to get it off my chest, thank you for allowing me to do that.



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    I would like to exchange links with your site
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    I asked Joan to reply to you, because I am technologically challanged. I am not sure how to exchange links. What is your link?


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