Ranger Wags Part 6

That night I finally told George, my husband, all about me and 1SG Wags. I was concerned that 1SG Wags would tr to get me to have sex with him again, and i was even more worried about how 1SG Wags would treat me.  But 1SG Wags never mentioned that night for a long time. But 1SG Wags has treated me pretty bad, and he did ride me pretty hard until he retired in November, 1997. I tried to avoid him whenever I could, or I would just stand up to him. At one point I refused to even look at him, much less speak to him, because he really did something that made me furious.

At AT-96 in Camp Dodge, someone started a stupid rumor that me and 3 other individuals were having an orgy in the dayroom, for anyone to see. This rumor was completely ridiculous, and later proven to be false, bit 1SG Wags pulled me into his office, along with 1LT B (my platoon leader), and proceeded to inform me that I was a lousy wife because I was having affairs and cheating on George during camp. He was very angry when the rumors wer proven to be false, but he never apologized, and I refused to acknowledge him for 2 months.

In the meeting 1LT B said that he was sitting in on it to make sure nothing could be misconstrued. I was ORDERED that this meeting never took place, and under no circumstances was I to tell George about this meeting, or about the rumors, because he might go off and get himself into trouble. 1SG Wags said that I had already caused enough trouble, and would hate to see poor George get in trouble for defending me. I got ver angry, and stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind me. I told George everything that night when he arrived. I told him that 1SG Wags was probably just angry because he was not invited to this make-believe orgy. I was the only one of the four accused of this that was dragged into the 1SG’s office, and told that I was a terrible person.



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