An A for the effort

The duties of my VSO position are keeping me crazy busy this week.  Thanks to a little help from friends, we have been able to share a booth out at the County Fairgrounds with Veterans Benefits.  It is a great place to chat with people.  Even though I would love to sign every veteran up for my VSO – the most important  mission is helping veterans get their benefits.  We are very lucky…we have a terrific woman as our County Vet-Rep. 

So, I am chatting with a guy last night that is a friend, a fellow VSO member and very active with County VA affairs.  He knows that I am an MST survivors – he doesn’t know the details.  He was talking to me about how impressed he was with a local tour to watch some military personnel doing their jobs.  He even said that it was obvious that the women were doing the same job as the men…they were all soldiers.

“My one concern for our female soldier is that they could get killed or captured and RAPED by the enemy.”

He stopped right there…like he himself couldn’t believe what had just come out of his mouth.  I watched the red creep up his cheeks and he stammered for his next sentence.

Women in the military don’t worry about the enemy outside the perimeter…we worry about the guy siting next to us at chow!

That is why we are called – Enemy in the Wire.  Why worry about the enemy raping you when you have a boss that calls you into his office to hump your leg for 6 months.  Don’t worry about getting killed by the enemy when you have your platoon sergeant beating you with a stick. 

Rape, Torture, Death…bring it on…as long it is truly the “enemy” doing it and not your brothers in arms.

You know what, though.  I give this guy an A for the effort.  He is learning.  He is trying to understand.  He is open to getting it – not just turning a blind eye to us.



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