Be a Ripple-State VSO Conference

Here it is Monday morning after the State Conferences for my VSO (veteran service organization.)  Perhaps you are visiting here because you are one of many that received a business card from a young female post commander.  She probably told you that this is a web-blog to women that she is “advocating” for.  Maybe you have beaten me to this post and you have begun to figure out that the young female post commander is actually the one on this blog that identifies herself as Joan.

If you have made that connection – I trust you to help keep my “secret identity.”  You may ask why Brigid and I use pen names and why we use code names for our abusers.  It is because we can’t really be a force for change unless we can be open and honest.  We can’t be open and honest if we fear reprisal.  We have both been severly punished for speaking up…both of us losing our careers.

I dropped a pebble in a very large pond this weekend.  If you received a business card it is because I have a sincere hope that you will be a ripple in that pond.  Pass the card along.  Share the website address.  Make sure you  check out our affiliate sites – especially Jay Herron’s site.  He will teach you great things about dealing with MST survivors – particularly male survivors.

One pebble in a pond means nothing – nothing without the ripples.  Please – be our ripple.  Maybe we can’t change the world – but I believe that together – we can make people aware and we can make them think.




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